MLG Columbus, IEM NYC not adopt League of Legends

Major League game “Championship Columbus” campaign will be held November 22-24 Greater Columbus Convention Center feature League of Legends. The news comes shortly after the announcement, Intel Extreme Masters League can not play professional IEM New York event, citing the proximity of Riot Games’ 2013 World Championship.

This will be the first MLG circuit event of Riot Games MOBA2012 in Anaheim circuits because it looks nothing special, and that during June. Finally MLG event function League of Legends, Major League Spring Championship game, breaking records, there are 4.7 million unique viewers tuning to watch the game, in addition to “StarCraft II and Call of Duty tournament.Here to supply buy FFXIV Gil

MLG recently announced, DOTA2 will attend the event, with $ 50,000 and several world-class team of international competition in the valve. With the league legend “non-appearance” StarCraft II “will not be able to Columbus game was the first time since the introduction in 2011 of the circuit.

MLG cooperation, on May turbine DC Comics MOBA Infinite Crisis, the recent game at PAX Prime. Infinite Crisis may make appearance, while MLG Columbus announced that Treyarch’s Call Call of Duty: Black Ops II is the second main stage games.

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