Monk Inferno Guide – Life Leech Build

This is another alternative guide to playing the Monk in Inferno. Also if you haven’t yet, you can check out my other Monk Inferno Guide for more great ways to play the Monk in Inferno Difficulty.
How to bind 2 spirit generators and 3 defensive skills? Press Escape, click Options, click the Gameplay tab, turn on Elective Mode. You’re now able to bind any ability to any button.
Are you sure about the Mantra choice? Since they nerfed Mantra of Healing so much, Mantra of Evasion is just overall better.

“But doesn’t dodge have diminishing returns?”

Short answer: no, but different sources multiply rather than add up.
Long answer: see links in the end.

If you’re just farming easy content, Mantra of Conviction/Overawe is still the best choice for that. MoE/Backlash is also a really good balance of offense and defense, give it a try.

And lastly, if you’re just beginning Inferno as a Monk, remember to use MoC/Overawe for Butcher. He has a 3 minute enrage timer.

Why Deadly Reach/Foresight right click? The buff from Foresight lasts 30 seconds. You will have to remember to refresh it yourself – there is no buff displayed on the UI for it; there is a little green glow around your character and the DPS increase does show in your character window. It’s also a ranged spell, which comes in handy every now and then.
Why Fists of Thunder/Thunderclap left click? LoH has different modifiers for attacks, and the highest one is for FoT/TC. FoT is also the fastest attack and spirit generator. Thunderclap is amazing to chase off ranged mobs and its AoE component is good. Just learn not to teleport into molten, fire chains or other nasty things – use Deadly Reach hold position a lot when you don’t have Blind/Serenity (Thunderclap will still port you while holding).
Do not use other runes for FoT! LoH does proc from AoE strikes and the Thunderclap lightning’s (but not auras or Sweeping Wind), and since FoT on its own only does AoE every third hit… you can imagine how much different it is to play without the rune.

If you still feel like you need extra defense and this is your last resort – go with Deadly Reach/Keen Eye. Resolve and Crippling Wave/Concussion together give only 33% less damage received (check links in the end for proof), and Concussion needs to be applied to work. Keen Eye is just more EHP and easier to maintain, consider ranged mobs. Pick up Sweeping Wind in the freed up slot to compensate the damage loss.

Why Ascension and not Peaceful Repose for Serenity? Because our heals don’t scale. You will end up generating just as much health in the extra second duration with enough LoH and AS. Not to mention the utility of being immune to everything for one extra second.
What about other runes for Blinding Flash? Faith in the Light increases weapon damage directly. For my character, for example, it increases my overall DPS by ~61% for those 3 seconds, it’s an incredibly strong burst. Blinded and Confused can be good, but I don’t like the RNG.
Why not use Transcendence passive? Because there’s simply no place for it, and with enough LoH, the healing from it becomes irrelevant and negligible. However, if you do not have proper gear for utilizing One With Everything (your resistances are roughly equal), you should use Transcendence.
What to do if I’m poor and can’t afford any LoH at the moment? Resort to keeping yourself up thanks to Transcendence and possibly Life per Spirit Spent stat (only on fists and spirit stone helms). You can actually get quite a bit of healing out of it. Just as with LoH, this scales up with Attack Speed – more spirit, more spam of spirit-based abilities, more life.
If you don’t rely on OWE for high resists, you can just use Transcendence instead of OWE and win. If you do, however, you should switch your primary strike to Crippling Wave/Concussion, and use Transcendence instead of Resolve. 

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