New Launch Feature: Improved Early PlayNew Launch Feature: Improved Early Play

Tired of games that start you in an out-of-the-way village where the chieftain wants you to collect coconuts in the jungle? TERA’s new playable prologue starts you right in the middle of the action: a beachhead under assault by demonic forces. It’s not just a cutscene—you’ll be fighting big-ass monsters within minutes, learning the controls as you go.

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The thrills don’t stop when you leave the prologue behind. We’ve adjusted the storyline quests throughout the first 20 levels to challenge you as they reveal more of TERA’s deep lore. The boss monsters in particular got upgrades they can’t wait to test out…on you!

Feature at a Glance
Playable Prologue: You become part of a beach landing gone awry. Can you save your allies and prevent a military disaster?
Badder Bosses: New tactics and deadlier attacks from early-level foes. You’ll earn those levels.
Quest Variety: Dozens of new quests that take TERA far beyond repetitive “hunt,” “gather,” and “deliver” tasks, and reveal the world’s rich history and cultures.



New Launch Feature: Improved Early Play 

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