New Report Reveals Declining MMO Subscription RevenueNew Report Reveals Declining MMO Subscription Revenue

A new report from industry analyst iHS: ScreenDigest shows that revenue generated from both MMO and non-MMO subscriptions has declined for fiscal 2010. This marks the first decline since 2002.

While the report shows subscription losses at approximately 5% overall in 2010 as compared to 2009, revenue generated through microtransaction sales is increasing. iHS indicates that subscription models for revenue generation are “at a turning point”.

In general, MMO revenues are expected to increase over the next several years from $2.7 billion USD to $3.1 billion USD in 2015. iHS concludes that microtransactions will be the driving force behind the increase from now through 2015.

iHS has also determined that Activision-Blizzard owns a 31% stake in the market with GameForge and BigPoint in second and third places respectively.


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