Online correction pet quality have change on December 15

On December 15, online correction to WOW Gold, in the professional, method ye bombs detonated time reduced to 4 seconds by original (6 seconds), and for other players to the damage decreased by 20%. It seems blizzard realize mage didn’t bomb consequences. But also have reason to believe that these changes is only the beginning, I believe there will be more professional face adjustment.


Ice bomb now in 4 seconds after explosion (had 6 seconds), the other player’s injury was reduced by 20%.


In the task of “alliance of heart” in the last to leave the area players will no longer be on the wrong in the mirror.

Pet against

Has won the achievement “taming the world” the player should now be in the mail for a top hunting hat.

High and low level played his team-mates after victory in the battle pet now got all the empirical value.

Before the dark low quality on lu’s line bird, red cricket and chatter singing the cricket is now a superior quality.


The king of the JinXiQin can now use items upgrade system upgrade.

The underground city, the team and the battle scene

Fear in the heart of

Big queen XiaKe hill

25 people hero mode XiaKe hill now always drop 3 suit for content and three pieces of the set items.

Error correction

The way of the wind of welfare should now be properly make pan Dali and flight route movement speed is increased by 25%.



All kinds of weapons triggered effects no longer sometimes early break deceit talent provides the stealth. 

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