Get Rich As A Sorcerer In Tera

Sorcerers are like the bombers in the army, they present the large punches that can actually destroy Mobs or Bosses, and they do it from a comfortable distance. This is a definitely enjoyable character to play for those who like blowing factors up. If you prefer to play Tera on server XBOX One, then you can buy Tera Gold Xbox One from our site. We provide cheap TERA Gold for gamers of all servers, do not miss it!


As a part of a group, you can be strongly desired for your offensive capabilities. Sorcerers are capable of both region attacks and targeted attacks. This means that you’ll be pretty valuable in both making it through the dungeon but in addition critical in taking the Bosses down. Fireball is often a base offensive ability that you simply will get started with that could be with you as you level up through the game. A very simple spell, Fireball is actually a rapid cast and may be utilized to finish off monsters which might be close to death.

Magma Bomb is going to be your 1st available location damage ability and will be invaluable to your early Boss and Mob gold farming. As you level up you might need to upgrade this skill since it is often an inexpensive approach to bring about damage within a modest area. Combined with Painful Trap, which will type a circle about you and explode when an enemy comes too close, you may have the ability to play offense while defending your position at the similar time. This can be a wonderful strategy to begin accumulated greater equipment and level up your Sorcerer, which will, in turn, bring about extra riches as your quality of prey improves.

Discomfort Blast is a different ability to utilize if you hit level fourteen. This area damage spell will really commence to add the harm up as you move up in levels, and may be deadly to large groups of enemies or Mobs you encounter. This skill will hit enemies just about every two seconds for ten seconds, which implies you’ll be able to be delivering other damage to them while this spell still functions. This is essential to understanding the best way to be a juggernaut Sorcerer. Stack your attacks on leading of one another to provide devastating amounts of punishment for your foe, ending battles quickly.

Soloing with a Sorcerer is going to be a real challenge initially. It really is not suggested as an effective strategy to gather Tera gold, as you are going to struggle to take care of the truth that you are not really fantastic at surviving attacks. It may be performed, making use of spells including Back Step, that will immediately catapult you five meters away in the monster attacking you. You will find also quite a few traps that your sorcerer can cast, use these immediately after aggroing mobs and lead them to their deaths in massive numbers. This can be one particular way you will be capable of escape the quick death that attempting to stand toe to toe with monsters will generate having a Sorcerer.

This implies that creating one of the most gold using a Sorcerer comes down to having the ability to play as a group member. You will be a truly precious one particular, and you will discover some terrific loot for the character even though you are at it. As you reach the larger levels, Fire Blast is really a compact region damage spell that can lead to huge amounts of harm. Use this to strike massive Mobs on the technique to Bosses and clear the path for the group having a blazed earth policy. Usually, do not neglect that you’re quite lightly armored having a simple robe so you’ll need to help keep your distance in the fight. I hope it helped you in some way. I also wanted to remind you can check out our Tera Gold Guide, and help you make your team as strong as possible.

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Path of Exile 3.3 Builds With Cremation Gem Skill

Poe Cremation is A targeted corpse explodes, dealing region damage and turning into a volcanic geyser, that will repeatedly unleash projectiles sequentially over the surrounding area for any duration. The explosion from the corpse isn’t affected by modifiers to spell damage, and can’t be reflected. Within this Post, u4gm Will share Path of Exile 3.3 Builds With Cremation Gem Skill for you.

[Duelist] COMK IS BACK! Sundering Volcanos! OP / Low cost / Entertaining!

With 39% More Spell Harm it really is pretty much any other support gem you’d ordinarily pick, and with 0.25 sec cooldown it will constantly proc ( Unlike Cast on Crit’s 0.five sec… ) Enemies within the middle of your Sunder will get hit by several overlapped sunder explosions so a minimum of one will die.
Cast on Crit does not operate with Cremation; you are going to spawn new volcanos ahead of they poop out any balls.

+ Special!
+ Cheap!
+ HC Viable
+ Super Tanky
+ Quick Clearspeed
+ Excellent for Abyss spawns
+ Insanely quickly and smooth leveling utilizing Molten Strike + Ancestral Call
+ Wonderful celebration build ( 20% Culling = Good )
+ Nearly each and every ascendancy is viable

- Cast on Melee kill includes a incredibly quite terrible reputation.
- God Complex
- Monsters with no corpses
- Endgame build expense

Example Hyperlink:

[Marauder] Meatball Mage? a Spending budget, Beginner-Friendly Volatile Dead/Cremation Berserker for All Content material

This can be a guide for a reasonably simple Volatile Dead build having a right mix of harm and tank and also the ability to do just about any content. Berserker is utilised to granting entire life and mana leech to fuel Mind over Matter, also as a good chunk of damage.

The finest way to get a concept from the playstyle is always to watch the video beneath. Having said that, a couple of tips from my practical experience with the build so far:
Drop your corpses under mobs if feasible! The corpse explosion harm is extremely important, and may frequently one-shot packs when you stack adequate elemental damage.
Try to chain Videos once you can, but don’t be concerned also substantially about it. It can usually be faster to Desecrate beneath a pack and blow them up than wait for the Videos out of your final package to hit them.
In breaches, abysses and comparable situations you can often overlook about Desecrate and just spam VD. It really is glorious.
Spell Cascade repeats inside a line out from you. If you would like to cluster Cremations on top rated of one another, cast Cremation at a 90?? angle for your Desecrate and they’re going to stack up nicely.
Never forget that Cremation is there to proc Elemental Overload also as deal damage. It’s critical to help keep it running even though doing bosses.
Cremation will not be just for bosses! It’s great for abysses, and also for packs in really confined spaces once you know they will not move a lot.
You benefit hugely from getting the setup time. Cremations final 8 seconds and VD balls possibly 5. Anytime you’ll be able to (e.g., strongboxes, phased bosses, bosses having a smaller angry variety), attempt to possess your Cremations running and a few VD balls waiting ahead of you start off the fight. Verify out the video beneath to view this employed to considerable impact against Dominus‘ second phase.
You’ve to cast two spells to deal harm against a fresh pack, as well as your stun immunity is only if you have killed not too long ago. Be cautious about wading into boxes and finding unlocked.

+ uncomplicated to play. No ought to cautiously handle buffs or flasks, positioning is just a matter of keeping your distance, and also you barely need to aim your skills. Also pretty forgiving resulting from being able to face tank most content material.
+ Excellent damage. DPS is strict to estimate as a consequence of the mechanics of your skills, but you’ll be able to get north of 200k Shaper DPS without as well substantially work and push the previous 500k using a bit much more spending. Boss DPS numbers are very equivalent to squishier, harder to play crit versions.
+ Great AoE coverage. Volatile Dead houses in on enemies from more than a screen away. You will never ever miss stragglers.
+ Tanky. More than 8k EHP, and you’re always leech capped on both life and mana (even against single targets) as a consequence of hitting extremely frequently. Facetanks many of the game in the event you so wish, like most bosses up to T15. Can survive all guardian skills except for Phoenix Discharge.
+ Can do just about all content. Have to prevent Elemental reflect and no-leech maps, and slower recovery could be annoying for hard bosses. Have personally performed Atziri, all Guardians, Elder, Vaal Temple, and so forth. with ease. Must be superb for Shaper (but I suck at Shaper so can’t confirm). Would not advocate for Uber Atziri as a consequence of Volatile Dead’s target splitting mechanics making split phase awkward.
+ Uncomplicated to gear. No uniques necessary and even strongly advisable, totally SSF viable, can do nicely on a spending budget.
+ This can be a pro or possibly a con based on your opinion but plays differently to most builds in which you don’t just hold down 1 button.
- Evident speed is okay but not fantastic. Have to use two skills to kill a pack in most situations. Somewhat made up for by having long variety homing missiles looking for out packages which you are not focusing on, but apparently not a top-tier clear speed build.
- This can be a pro or a con according to your opinion but plays differently to most builds in that you do not just hold down a single button.
- Can’t-do Elemental reflect and no-leech maps.
- Can’t-do Uber Atziri, and a poor selection for Uber Lab farming as you are going to just about usually accidentally destroy Lazaro’s helpers and lose keys.
- Can not use Volatile Dead for early leveling as other variants can. Have to wait until level 40+.

Instance Link:

[Ranger] Smoothly cast Volatile Dead! Quick clear speed! Now with Uber Lab video!

Do you want to play Volatile Dead, but hate the idea of possessing to cast Desecrate or Unearth 1st? Want a fast-clearing character that may get via bosses also? And no six-link required?
If this sounds great, try out my build! It??£¤s 3.3-tested up to map tier 16 and level 93. I will be updating my build as I progress by means of the league, it??£¤s still somewhat rough around the edges, but I don??£¤t assume I??£¤m far off.
This is a softcore-only build. I do not advocate it for hardcore. Also, on account of the number of travel nodes at the beginning of the tree, you will need to level as freezing pulse or yet another leveling skill just before switching more than to Volatile Dead at around Act 3. Could you use Poet? Pen, a great build exclusive, at level 12, so if this really is not your initial character, you could possibly use them whilst leveling to substantial effect.

Attack with Frenzy to trigger Unearth and Volatile Dead. The initial attack may perhaps only have a handful of Volatiles spawn, but just after that it??£¤s smooth. You may also generate Frenzy and Power charges while attacking, and your Frenzy attacks may have Culling Strike.
If you will not be using Kaom’s Heart, use the following set-up also: For bosses and tough mobs, I have a Spell Totem with an Unearth setup on it. This really is to create more corpses considering the fact that Volatile Dead gobbles them all up. I then cast Cremation 3 instances close to the boss, and just after that spam Volatile Dead until the Cremation times out. I then recast the Spell Totem and Cremation, starting the approach again.

+ Rapid clearing
+ Smoother skill spam than self-cast Desecrate
+ Tanky
+ Uses Pathfinder ascendancy: movement speed, bonus flask charges, Elemental damage penetration
+ Kills bosses Rapid!

- Calls for you to make use of much more than one particular skill in boss fights
- Calls for good flask management
- Gearing could possibly be as well costly
- Leveling is slower than other builds without the need of celebration play or investment in leveling uniques.

Instance Hyperlink:



[Scion] Cremation Build LL Build Occ Deadeye

Expected Distinctive – Sire of Shards Serpentine Staff this really is to give the additional projectile damage and the five further projectiles and not sacrificing harm of GMP

Skill Gems:
Unearth + GMP + Faster Casting
Cremation + Spell Echo + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus + Concentrated Impact + Fire Penetration

In order of significance
Lightning Warp + Significantly less Duration + More rapidly Casting – my movement skill
Decoy Totem – employed to maintain boss stationery to possess the volcano shotgun the bosses
Summon Stone Golem + Minion Life – utilized to tank
Discipline + Blood Magic – for low life made use of to discipline and blasphemy when CI
Blasphemy + Flammability + Clarity + Haste – additional auras haste isn’t as essential extra of a QoL with some harm boost.
The idea is usually to make corpses with Unearth and GMP and then use cremation for all harm.
For bosses drop a decoy totem and create the three volcanos under the bosses shotguns them die swiftly.



Example Hyperlink:
[Shadow] Poet Shakespear’s CoC Guide

I’ve just got to maps, the harm from glacial cascade is extremely lovely but getting squishy as hell is just not enjoyable.. must kite bosses and cast in-between glacial dodging, so it really is challenging work. Not confident if this ascendancy is suited to this style of play to become honest which can be a shame

+ Quickest evident speed you are going to ever see
+ Enjoyable to play
+ 60k Armour with flasks up
+ Lightpoacher helmet is amazing
+ Insanely quick and smooth leveling using Poet wands
+ Can do all map mods except Elemental Reflect

- Build expense
- Flickering screen
- Boss DPS challenges (the Last update Ought to repair! )
- Not HC Viable

Example Hyperlink:


Typically, they’re not worth the trouble for reasons that happen to be enough inside the extended run. Even though they are valuable for players who may well know nothing at all about the game. For essentially the most part, they are studying tools for newbies to ease them into the game. For additional Path of exile 3.3 Builds, you can check out Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code free of charge in the reps should you Invest in Poe Currency order from this article.
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What is the best site to buy Cheap PoE Exalted Orb

We are inching closer to the upcoming updates of Path of Exile in 2018. At Path of Exile, all we’re interested is to PoE Orbs empower your gaming prowess to the fullest. You can unlock as many levels of Path of Exile as you would wish to. This in return opens up your world of Path of Exile video gaming entertainment ad put your satisfaction to another level.

poe orbs

First of all, all the coins we offer are genuine and this means that they will actually work and help you win as many games as possible. The genuine factor ensures that you get to have quality video gaming time which is worth the money you put into purchasing the PoE Orbs.

1. U4GM Is A Famous Bring in the Gaming Industy
And we started the U4GM in early 2010. Being very passionate about the video games we always wanted to take that passion to the next level. But things only started to go underway just in start of 2010. We group of Path of Exile players started working on U4GM and with passing time more contributors are joining us.

2. Cheap price guarantee
Our overwhelming stock size gives us confidence! We guarantee the price for our cheap PoE exalted orb / Chaos Orbs PoE of Fusing is among the lowest.

3. Fast Delievry
We guarantee all orders will get a timely delivery, according to your game and trade method, the delivery time is between 30 min to 24 hrs.

4. Safety guarantee
We promise that all the information that you provide is safely guarded. It’s 100% safe to buy PoE Orbs.

5. Refund guarantee
We guarantee a refund if there is a delay of your order or for other acceptable reasons which we have mentioned in our FAQs.

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Turn Into An Efficient And Smart Player In PoE

In Path of Exile, when beginning fresh, starting from zero, perhaps in a brand new league, how do the smart players progress from beginning to late game efficiently?

In fact, you should pick a build that you like that doesn’t need multiple 5+ex gear pieces to be good. Because if you don’t like it you won’t have fun and you’ll spend most of your time afking and not playing. Enough poe exalted orb has always been important to you in game.

Path of Exile

After that you find what’s the best way to level said build, check out some speed racing guides for that, for example anything duelist/marauder can easily level with sunder and use free respec points and maybe couple of regrets to transition into your real build.

Glacial Cascade, Flameblast and Freeze Pulse totems are generally good for leveling any kind of spellcaster and Molten Strike/Frost Blades combo is generally good to use for projectile based builds, Lightnign Trap is usually the go to for trappers although you might wanna hold on and see which new trap skills might be better next league, Essence Drain contagion for DOT based builds etc.

You go through zones skipping most enemies until you reach Blood Aqueducts, you should be at least around 5 levels lower than that zone when you reach it depending on how hard it is to level your build, you only pick up efficent and on the way life nodes while leveling and put rest into adjacent and easy to specc out damage nodes.

Once you farm to level 70-ish in Blood aqueducts and get like 10-15c you start respeccing into your real build, you aim not to spend more than 2-3c per gear piece, just enough to start progressing your atlas, 4l for your main skill and res capped with 4k life or close to it should be more than enough for t1-5 maps

At this point depending on your RNG or how good your build can transition, if your build is good to go from like lvl 80 you switch to strict filter and start picking up only currency, maps, 6 sockets and rare jewelry.

If your build needs like lvl 90 and a bit more currency to be really efficient you might opt out to do unid chaos recipe which is really good first few days of the league due to cheap exalts.

You shouldn’t be investing heavily into your build until you hit at least t10 maps because if your build is any decent it should clear anyhting lower perfectly fine on under 5 ex budget(estimating 2ex for 5l chest and 1-2 ex for decent weapon).

I believe that other experienced players will be better than my tips, but these are the reasons for my success, and I sincerely hope it will help you too.

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Do You Know What Is PoE Hideouts

In Path of Exile, the hideout is a special area players can design for themselves. It is awarded for leveling any master to level 3. Players can invite up to seven masters to their hideout and decorate it with items bought from the masters for special points called “Favour”.

Hideouts can be visited using the /hideout command while in town, or from any waypoint. The waypoint for the hideout is found in the bottom right corner of the map, but only appears for players when they are at a waypoint.

Path of Exile

This new feature allows players to have an area their character can call home. Aside from offering storage for their chaos orbs poe, Hideouts are also integral to the masters system introduced by the update. These new NPCs take up residence in a player’s Hideout while offering their unique services.

A hideout

As an integral part of the Master system, players can acquire a Hideout through these special NPCs. Once a master reaches level 3, he or she will offer the character his or her Hideout. From that point on, the character can use the Hideout their own. Players can travel to their haven through its own waypoint. Note that the tileset for each Hideout fits the theme of the master tied to it.

Initially, only the player and all his characters in the same league can access the Hideout. However, access to friends, party members and guildmates can be granted. A Hideout can hold a maximum of 32 players at a time.

Aside from storing items, Hideouts also house masters. Without any expansions, a Hideout can house only two of these special NPCs. However, when the latter reaches levels six and eight, the Hideout can be upgraded to hold three or four masters respectively. The masters also offer decorations that can be placed in the Hideout. These are “bought” using Favor. Like with the Hideout, each master has decorations that fir his or her theme.

Modifying your hideout

Perhaps the most important part of Hideouts is the ability to modify, buy, and sell Path of Exile Currency from masters. When a character talks to a master in his or her hideout, they will be allowed to place that master’s Crafting Bench. The benches masters use level up along with them. As the levels go higher, the more options it will have. Note that guests in a Hideout cannot use the owner’s Crafting Benches.

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GGG’ve Created A New Badge System – Path of Exile

At the end of next week GGG will announce the full details of the next challenge league and introduce its new supporter packs! Many of you have supported us so much over the years that you’re now running out of space to show off all of your supporter titles on the forum. GGG’ve created a new badge system that will launch alongside these supporter packs and allow you to show off more of your titles at once!

poe pack

When the system is live, you will be able to go to “My Account” then “Supporter Titles” and be able to opt into the badge system by clicking the upgrade banner. It will convert your forum titles into decorative square badges that use the space next to your forum posts more economically so that you can show off an unlimited number of them at any one time. However, you can only have one badge from each supporter pack set displayed at once. You can opt back out of the system at any time and revert to your original supporter titles.

Please note that the image above is a preview and the actual size of the badges might change.

Over time we will also be adding badges for various achievements like showing that you’ve won a fan art competition or that you’re a featured member of the community. We hope that you enjoy the new system! Thank you so much for all of your support. If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.

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Flashback League Will Be the Last Dagger To Pierce Bestiary’s Heart in PoE

Just wondering what the general sentiment regarding this issue is. Will beastiary be deserted after flashback starts or will there still be enough players to make trading etc work? as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more PoE News and cheap poe items for trade with instant delivery.

Event Details
The Flashback Event may have three random mods from popular past leagues activated at the same time. The gathering of mods will persist on the bottom for just one hour and also the assortment of mods will be different from place to place. After an hour or so has transpired the mods will randomize for every area again. Each area can also get the Bestiary league enabled meaning you can keep completing your challenges when you compete within the Flashback Event.

I mean they actually decleare bestiary to be over when they allowed challenge completion in the flashback event. So unless someone is really limited on time and just want to finish the last challenges there is no reason to stay in bestiary and play the flashback event. If you are quick at leveling it might even be easier due to the increased loot/map drops to finish some of the challenges. I actually dont really like their decision to allow challenge completion in the event. I guess they just want to rescue whats left until the next league. Its also way too long with almost a month runtime making the challenge to get to 95 not a challenge.

Path of Exile Flashback

Event Variations
We are running Standard, Hardcore, Standard SSF and Hardcore SSF versions from the Flashback event on PC and Xbox One! The prize pool is going to be shared of all versions from the event. Flashback even sounds fun, so I might try to get a character to level 65 or so, then go back to Bestiary to do some more challenges.

In this case though, the flashback league isn’t a new “league.” It’s a “race” technically so it’s run alongside the Bestiary league. It’s like a second Bestiary only shorter and with a crapload more mods. At the end of this one your characters go to the corresponding permanent league as well. Sorry, nothing every gets deleted unless it’s specifically called out. Everything always gets migrated to standard or whatever permanent league then you can play them forever over there or start the new league at zero.

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How about A Map that Gets Harder Every Time You Finish It in PoE?

Like a unique map. The first run, it starts at lvl 68. You defeat the boss. The next time you open the map it will be 69, than 70 than 71… It should count for each character differently. Monsters get stronger and stronger and stronger. The loot doesnt have to be good. The challenge itself is the loot. It could be a unique map, it shouldnt be really rare. I always was wondering why lvl 100 was max. Why wasnt it like after lvl 100 you earn something like challenge level. each level after 100 ALL your maps will get some more challenging mods like “Monsters deal x% more dmg, attack speed, cast speed”.

poe guides map

Infinite Dungeon
It was called “Infinite dungeon” in torchlight and I liked it That being said, I don’t think it could apply to poe because it would be the new endgame, and poe is always absolutely unbalanced, and for some reasons, it calls months – 1 year to fix things, so you’ll be forced to play to top5 builds if you wanna make a decent progression.

In a world is balanced is pretty ok, that would be cool imo but atm, it was be a damn waste, what keeps this game alive despite the balance being completely broken is that : – except uber-elder and HOGM, the game it pretty easy – lot of ppl just like to get a MF build and spend 99999hours in a t3 map just for profit and that’s why there is a wide build diversity.

Let’s say:

  • Every time you open this map, you get some kind of hidden debuff, giving you and your minions less damage, less attack and cast speed and less base movement speed. Exact numerical balance should follow some expotential decay pattern – to make it harder and harder, but still possible on dedicated build.
  • Every completed map also buffs your item quantity to add reward balancing tedium of running map slower and slower, with less and less damage
  • As flavour explanation, make it some swamp/affliction based theme

 It would be interesting but not infinite endgame path, you will eventually reach point when you don’t do sufficient damage after all, even on most broken single target builds. Just a remind, don’t forget to from to poe currency purchase, which is the best choice for poe orbs services on the market!



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How To Use Path Of Exile Leap Slam

Path of Exile

Leap Slam is primarily used as a movement skill. It is one of three skills that allow you to cross cliffs, chasms, and obstacles without prior preparation, the others being Lightning Warp and Flame Dash. How to use Flame Dash?

Accuracy: Accuracy is a factor despite the nature of the skill. Leap Slam can miss.

Attack speed: Leap Slam has its own attack time of 1.40 seconds and modifiers to attack speed will modify the speed at which Leap Slam performs.

Path of Exile

While its base attack time is not equal to the base attack time of your weapon, it does benefit from local attack speed modifiers on the weapon just like any other skill (multiplicatively). Having enough poe exalted orb can make things easier.

Leap Slam may seem slow when jumping small distances, but in reality, Leap Slam is simply always performed at the same modified speed regardless of the distance jumped.

Dual wielding: Leap Slam will use only the main hand weapon.

Damage: Tooltip incorrectly averages the DPS and APS of your Main and Off Hand weapons, even though only your Main Hand weapon will ever be used. This is true even if your Off Hand weapon could not be used with Leap Slam in the first place.

This will give you a reasonably close approximation, as your chance to hit may vary between your main and off hand but is averaged on the character screen.

Multistrike Support: Leap Slam cannot be supported by Multistrike.

The maximum jumping distance of Leap Slam is confined by a square rectangle centered around the attacker. This means that the actual maximum distance will be 2 times as long, roughly 41% longer, jumping diagonally as it would be jumping straight up, down, left or right.

Since the duration of the jump is the same regardless of distance, you will also end up travelling about 41% faster that way. Flame Dash and Leap Slam seem to be the only two skills that work this way, all other skills have their max-range defined by a circle as one would expect.

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Do You Know What’s Animate Guardian In Path Of Exile?


Animate Guardian is a spell in Path of Exile, animating weapons and armour on the ground to form an allied minion. The following are the skill functions and interactions guide of animate guardian. Don’t forget that buy poe currency cheap is important.

Using this skill on an identified item on the ground creates an Animated Guardian that moves and attacks similar to a zombie. Similar to Spectres and unlike other minions, a Guardian stays with you even after logging off and on.

Path of Exile

If you unequip the skill gem, the Guardian disappears until you equip the gem again, at which point the same Guardian (retaining all its equipment) reappears after casting the spell again.

You can only have one Guardian at a time. It can be equipped with a helmet, body armour, pair of gloves, pair of boots, a shield, and melee weapons. Ranged weapons cannot be animated, similar to Animate Weapon.

Items can be of any rarity, but must be identified and on the ground to be used. Animated items are consumed by the spell and cannot be recovered. Items containing skill gems cannot be animated, so the Guardian cannot use trigger gems.

Items that have modifiers like +x to Maximum life or +x% increased Attack Speed, and even corrupted implicits, apply to the Guardian the same way they apply to player characters; so animating magic or rare equipment can potentially give you a very powerful minion. Unique items can also be used, but they are usually too valuable to sacrifice.

The Guardian uses weapons and shields in the same way as player characters, and can dual wield if two one-handed weapons are animated. If you animate an item type that the Guardian is already using (such as a helmet), the new item will overwrite the old one. Equipping an armour piece restores 25% of its life; equipping one-handed weapons or shields will alternate between left and right hand. You cannot equip two shields.

The Guardian does not share your max amount of curses you can apply to enemies, and therefore functions as a player with the default curse limit when applying curses (through corrupted gloves, for example).

Items deleted on Death: When a Guardian dies, all its equipment is deleted and cannot be recovered. This makes very risky to use powerful or valuable items on an Animated Guardian. It is possible to prevent a body armour worn by a Guardian from being deleted upon Guardian death by crafting Equipped Animated Guardian drops item on death on the Armourer’s Workbench.

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