Path Of Exile: What’s The Boss/Challenge/Run Scam

In Path of Exile, for new players, they may be easily scammed in transactions, therefore, knowing how to avoid being scammed is important for them. Today, I will tell you how to avoid boss/challenge/run scam.

This is a scam where the scammers claims to sell a boss run, a challenge or a run of a certain map or achievement for a price. After you pay them they leave or go afk. You never get what you paid for.

Path of Exile

This scam works both ways, there are people who do not pay when they are buying these things too.

To prevent this from happening when you are the buyer, we do the same thing as we did with the crafting scenario. We buy what we want from trusted people. You can find trusted sellers for this under the communities tab on the Path of Exile forums. A good advice is to add sellers you found trustworthy to your friends list. Because most of these people play and sell every single league, so you won’t have to find new people every time you want to buy.

If you’re the seller and want to avoid people not paying for your run, I suggest that you take payment before you start whatever run you are selling and have good portal placement for the buyers to avoid items getting snatched. But then comes the issue of if you’re not a known trustworthy seller then people might have a problem trusting you. You need to build a reputation of sorts before people will fully trust you.

There is no real solution to this trust scenario, other than trying to sell cheap runs at first and build a base of people who trust you to vouch for you. If someone doesn’t pay during your cheap runs then you only lose 2-5 chaos as opposed to if you did expensive runs.

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