Paul McCartney‘s Grandson Like Destiny? It is Clear

After 50-plus years in the music business and his iconic status as one of the most famous and successful pop stars in history, Paul McCartney is still trying to impress his family.

While appearing on “The Daily Show” last night, the former Beatle admitted to Jon Stewart that one of the reasons for agreeing to feature his new single “Hope for the Future” in the video game “Destiny” was to appeal to his grandchildren.

“The thing was, I had seen my grandkids mainly playing, and I’d say, ‘Give me a go.’ Then I’d get killed within the first couple of seconds,” McCartney explained. Paired with the advisement that, as Stewart pointed out, video games “are billion-dollar industries, franchises – bigger than major motion pictures,” McCartney figured this would be a win-win investment. That and he wasn’t exactly a stranger to the industry, having lent his expertise to video-game designers five years ago to help maintain the authenticity in “The Beatles: Rock Band.”

So what was the result of seeing Grandpa’s hologram in an otherworldly setting inhabited by spaceships and aliens? “I was Mr. Cool! Come on, give it up!” McCartney announced triumphantly. Destiny is available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in addition to the current console generation. And you can easily get upgrade lv32 in the Dark Below via destiny power leveling.

“Hope for the Future” is also available in EP form on iTunes.

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