Players want to increase their character’s level

Among PC gamers, Blizzard Entertainment is known for its extremely popular role-playing games. “Diablo 3” is the sequel to one of the fastest-selling PC games in history and will be released soon. An open beta weekend was held near the end of April and provided fans with a lot to be happy with, despite a few niggling issues. When the game is available on May 15, players will have a choice between five different classes, each with their own unique style. The monk can move quickly and strike multiple foes with martial arts, while the wizard prefers to stay at range using elemental magic. They all feel well-balanced and will keep players wanting to increase their character’s level far past beta caps, which is only level 13.

Maybe one of the biggest concerns from longtime fans was the removal of many of the complex systems from “Diablo 2,” which included stats and skill points while leveling. Instead, everything is streamlined with automatic stat increases and the ability to gain every skill in the game. This puts the emphasis on what skills you want to use, the runes that modify each skill and how well you use them. It works great; skills are fun to use and combat is fast and fluid. The few issues the beta had related to the ability to get into the game with the mass amount of people logging onto the server. This also extended to playing when massive frame drops would sometimes hit at certain areas in the game. Blizzard has said that the open beta was designed to see the stress on the servers, to help ensure a smoother release.

One thing players should keep in mind if they are big PvP (player vs. player) fans: “Diablo 3” will not launch with any form of it. The arena for PvP will not launch until a later date, so if this is a reason for wanting “Diablo 3,” some fans will be sorely disappointed. But “Diablo 3” does have a lot going for it. The combat feels great, enemies are varied and it’s fun to play with friends. The streamlined approach gets rid of many of the frustrating mechanics from “Diablo 2,” and everything just feels good.  

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