How to Farm Exalted Orbs in Path of Exile

Exalted Orbs are high-value currency that play a crucial role in the in-game economy. Their primary purpose is to craft high-end rare items. The drop level of Exalted Orbs is 35, which has a low drop rate. In fact, the Exalted Orb Drop rate chance is about 0.055%.

Slain monsters

It can be obtained by killing the map monster. Exalted Orb is the domain drop, as long as luck is good to kill the monster has a chance to get.


It can be obtained through market trading. The market can also be exchanged for currency as a trading place. If you have good equipment in your hand, you can also get the Exalted Orb.

Open Treasure Chests

It can be obtained by opening the treasure chest in the emperor’s trial. When passing the emperor’s trial, there will be some rooms with treasure chests, the silver treasure chests need silver keys to enter, and the copper keys can choose to open the treasure chests in the room after the trials. There is a chance to open a noble stone.

Collect divination cards

Some divination cards (such as The Hoarder) can be collected to exchange for Exalted Orb. A set of twelve can be exchanged for an Exalted Orb.

AmountIngredientGeneral Notes
12The Hoarder1x Exalted Orb
10The Saint’s Treasure2x Exalted Orb
5Abandoned Wealth3x Exalted Orb
7Alluring Bounty10x Exalted Orb

Stack Exalted Shards

It can be obtained through the synthesis of Exalted Shards. Exalted Shards can be found as a drop from Harbingers. Kill Harbingers for a chance to drop Exalted Shards. A stack of 20 shards becomes an Exalted Orb.

Exalted Orb20Exalted Shard

Turn the box

You can turn the box to get this Exalted Orb, so the box can be seen everywhere on the map, and there is a chance to get it.