Possible Playable Races, Part TwoPossible Playable Races, Part Two

Based on the recent announcement of The Old Republic’s first non-human race, MMORPG.com’s Michael Bitton kicks off a series that examines what some of the other possibilities might be.

Last week we examined seven races we’d like to see in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and the likelihood of them making it into the game. This week, we continue the series with part two as we take a look at yet another seven races. Discussion of last week’s article generated numerous race suggestions, many of which were also on my original list. Read below to find out which ones made the cut in part two!We are a specialized, professional and reliable online supplier for swtor gold selling. We have been supplying fast and cheap swtor  gold to our loyal and reliable customers for 7 years. If you want to buy swtor  gold or get the latest news of cheap swtor  gold, please come here. We provide not only the most competitive price but also the safest delivery and the best service for your cheap wow gold. Hope you enjoy buying swtor  gold.


The Feeorin are a highly temper mental reptilian race who mostly settled on Odryn following the destruction of their homeworld thousands of years preceding the events of the prequel trilogy. The Sanctum of the Exalted on Odryn was the holiest place for the Feeorin race, which the Feeorin made available to the Jedi Covenant prior to the events of The Old Republic as a storage facility for ancient Sith artifacts.



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