Pulling Rugs and Floating Cities

Resilience was buffed, increasing the length of PvP matches and somehow injecting a bit more skill into the mix. To me all I can see is unkillable healers who have to be taken down with precision strikes that if they fail will require planning, waiting, and a second attempt. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

Gold Sellers have gone insane. I was witness to a legion of newbies running around with gold selling site names. They’re getting desperate. The economy of the game is going haywire and things are working against them. The price of gold is falling and rising, there are legions of teleporting farmers going under the world to gank titanium nodes, and accounts are getting hacked left and right.

This is a war people. This is a war for your accounts, for your gold, and for your real life money. To them they want to take your account, take your gold, and then when you’re desperate for it back they sell it back to you. They’re using authenticators to keep you from getting on, Google ads are filled with phising sites that aim to steal your account, and Blizzard is being bombarded on the forums and IRL over the phone with restore requests. Scammers, here at home, are trying to even take advantage of this by scamming Blizzard into restoring their accounts and getting something from nothing.

I love Dalaran as a city. Think about the majestic city floating in the sky on a starry night. The streets still bustling as adventurers move to and fro through the streets trying to get somewhere. The fountain in the middle giving a cooling mist as you walk by and down the streets. The glowing street lamps lighting the way as the purple hue of the Kirin Tor’s banners make you proud to be in the city.

The roleplay aside, the city is freaking cool. Here’s why.

It starts off with a bit of history. Dalaran was originally founded by mages fleeing the restrictions of Strom (the unified nation before the Alliance) so they could practice their trade with some peace. They built the Violet Citadel (the city that we know call Dalaran) on an island in the middle of Dalaran and the large violet gardens all around with their magical knowledge.

Of course, using magic like that comes at a price. Demons from The Burning Legion began showing up. Strom was ready to invade so they went to the High Elves and made a deal that formed the Order of Tirisfal. The order would appoint the Guardian of Tirisfal to protect Azeroth from the demons while they worked to control the use of magic to prevent any kind of special tears that would allow the demons to invade.

During the Second War, long after all of this, the Horde invaded Dalaran and razed the city. Of course, the Horde invaded EVERYTHING ELSE OUT THERE. So they rebuilt, like EVERYONE ELSE did. Then in the Third War they needed a book in order to go rez Kel’thuzad and bring about the summoning of Archimonde. Yeah, AGAIN WITH THE KEL’THUZAD. That guy should just be the end boss of WoTLK.

Archimonde destroys Dalaran of course, because he’s a cool guy. They throw up a giant purple bubble and rebuild the city. In patch 3.0 they fly the city to Northrend and plant it in Crystalsong Forest’s skyline. There they sit at war with almost everything, the Blue dragons, the Scourge, and Harry Potter fanatics. Err, scratch that last one.

There are some really cool things about the city. There are potions in the Underbelly that can turn you into a fly or a walrus with extra fishing. There is an auction house only accessible to Engineers. The Alliance get a Beer Garden (lucky them). Windle Sparkshine will light all of the lights in Dalaran at night and sell an item that’s from the Harry Potter movies. Minigob Manabonk will “Manabonk” random players which sends them a wand to polymorph someone in Dalaran.

WoW is so good because it appeals to everyone. It’s not a risk taker; it doesn’t try something new and rush it out the door then cries when it fails. It knows what people want. They want to login and kill things, alone or with friends, and they want to feel a sense of power. They don’t want to read manuals to figure out how to do the very basic things like combat nor do they want to suffer a grind that never rewards them.

With that said, I wish more game developers would learn from WoW. Learn from the good things about it. It’s not questing or yellow exclamation points that make WoW. It’s not the combat, the classes, or the spells. It’s the whole experience. It’s not the U.I. (or the U.I. icons that some games tried to steal), it’s how easy the U.I. is to use. It’s not the questing system that everyone plays for; it’s the fact that it gives you a pleasant game experience. It’s not the combat with swords or magic, it’s the fact that combat is easy to get into and responsive. 

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