Rangers and mages always have advantages in rare situations

Give rangers and mages a fighting chance – build a real combat triangle. Perhaps one of the most contentious aims set out for the rework was to address the combat triangle. Firstly, it’s worthwhile pointing out that RuneScape has always been a melee-centric game, by which I mean that melee has always been the easiest, most accessible combat style to engage with, and 95% of the NPCs in the game are melee-based creatures. Rangers and mages have always had advantages in rare, self-contained situations in the game, but mostly it’s all about the melee combat. That’s our fault and it’s all about to change – but by raising the effectiveness of a ranger or mage to the level of a melee fighter; not by nerfing the melee user.

We’re also changing your base effectiveness against opposite points of that combat triangle, so – for example – mages will find themselves at a huge advantage over melee targets, both in PvP and in PvE. That’s the same for rangers vs mages and melee vs rangers. One of the great things about RuneScape is that it doesn’t force you to only adopt one combat style,and you should be given plenty of opportunities to make good use of each. We’re changing a huge number of NPCs to start using range or mage skills rather than only using melee, so, if you’ve got specific targets you wish to fight, you might want to change your combat style to be as effective as possible against them.

Of course, every player (with the right stats) will have access to every single ability and tactic available…it’s just up to you when and where you use them. Without a doubt, this has been one of the most exciting areas to work on, with the aim to make sure that every combat style had a full range of gear to support practitioners of all levels. At many of the earlier levels in the current live game, some classes (especially mages) have a real shortage of gear to use, so we’re adding plenty of gear to plug the gaps. Also, with the introduction of the brand new dual wielding ability, huge amounts of new equipment for the off-hand have been added to the game.


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