Revisiting Conquest PvP

Many players complain that “At launch, Conquest will be the only PvP mode with different side mechanics on each map. “They said that they will watch the needs and feedbacks of the players after launch and if the players want, they will make other modes. There are some players said that “Personally, I don’t mind that Conquest is the only mode until the side mechanics greatly change how the different maps work.”

Have you considered introducing any other types of structured PvP than Conquest before release of the Guild Wars 2? For the sake of this answer I am going to define “conquest” as a game type that utilizes control points to accrue score. Using this definition, then we are not considering adding any other game types before launch. We want each map we release to be completely unique. We feel that we can get a ton of variety out of our maps by changing the secondary objectives and mechanics.
For example, we won’t be launching with another map with trebuchets and destroyable terrain; those things are reserved for the Battle of Kyhlo map. The other maps we are testing all have some very involved mechanics and unique playstyles in them and we wanted a core game mechanic that was easily learned by players and stayed consistent across the maps we release at launch. This will ultimately help players learn each map and the game since they don’t have to relearn an entirely new scoring mechanic for every map they play on. Once the game matures a bit, it is likely that we’ll experiment with both new maps and some new game types if we find a demand for them from our players. 

Please note that the distinction between what is and isn’t conquest is a pretty fine distinction to make especially since the secondary mechanics can really change how the map Guild wars powerleveling plays. Also, we spent a lot of time developing many different game types including capture the flag, attack/defend, regicide, and even a DOTA like version to name a few. I am certain Regina played in and saw some of those other gametypes.


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