Roman Abramovich purchased Howe Barcelona premiere

According to Spain daily sports reported news, Chelsea (data) aspects has on introduction Messi (micro Bo blog data) took has substantive a step, they contact has Messi of father Jorge, sought signed Xia Argentina star of possibilities, and world sports reported revealed, Messi parent-child two people with Barcelona (official website data) President Bartomeu for has a times met, they admitted didn’t want to left Barcelona, but didn’t want to continues to stayed in substitute seats Shang.
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曝切尔西接触梅西父亲 阿布欲豪购巴萨头牌

Messi with Enrique of contradictions and with Chelsea of transfer rumors is recently Spain media concern of focus topic, although Mourinho said on signed Xia Messi no interest, but Messi in recently concern has Chelsea of official INS, he of girlfriend Antonella also concern has blues of official pushed special, this let opinion think this is Messi intends to joined Chelsea of a signal, and Spain RAC radio Director Jodi-BA Republika special is disclosure Messi intends to teamed up small method.
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