RuneScape Hits a Million

Today, flash-based game publisher, Jagex, announced that its MMO-offering RuneScape has exceeded one million paying subscribers around the world. This number is in addition to the millions of players who play the game for free without opting to pay the subscription fee. RuneScape subscribers are charged $5 a month for additional content such as items, skills, and quests.

“Reaching the record breaking 1 million member mark is a massive milestone for RuneScape. It is a huge acknowledgment from our global gaming community that being presented with new adventures and challenges in a rapidly evolving world are what gamers want in a multiplayer online game,” said Constant Tedder of Jagex. “Development efforts have been rewarded with a steady and steep rise in player numbers. And we’re not resting on our laurels – there’s a huge amount still to come!” 

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