Spotlighting the AwesomenessSpotlighting the Awesomeness

During Gamescom, we had our team check out Red 5 Studios’ Firefall to see why it is that many hardcore testers are “filled with sunshine and unicorns” due to the latest update. It’s an amazing transformation. Read on!
The guys responsible for Firefall didn’t just make a few alterations. They sort of reassembled certain components from scratch. Heck, they even removed an entire class. The Medic’s been removed in favor of the Bio-Tech. According to what we heard at Gamescom, the Bio-Tech battleframe will still permit you to heal. However, it will also make healing considerably more tactical. Why the shift? One of the biggest reasons is because Red 5 is attempting to make Firefall a little more eSports-friendly. It seems like one of the biggest problems was the fact that there was little that distinguished a great player from an average player.



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