Star Wars: The Old Republic : Blizzard CEO’s Statements Rain on EA’s ParadeStar Wars: The Old Republic : Blizzard CEO’s Statements Rain on EA’s Parade



According to a report from, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick believes that “downward pressure on profits” will hurt EA’s chances of making a gigantic profit from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Kotick points out that the main beneficiary of the game’s sales and subscriptions will be LucasArts and that EA will likely see less money incoming due to licensing agreements. “Lucas is going to be the principal beneficiary of the success of Star Wars,” Kotick said. “We’ve been in business with Lucas for a long time and the economics will always accrue to the benefit of Lucas, so I don’t really understand how the economics work for Electronic Arts.”The most competitive Price. By using a special price searching system to check the swtor  gold  prices of our 150 major competitors.We are able to maintain the most competitiveprice for players to buy swtor  gold,We guarantee 100% safe delivery method and take full responsibility for it, our company  have been completed thousands of transactions andmeet over 1000 orders everyday, we successfully make all our customers delighted and satisfied.

Activision-Blizzard is understandably nervous about SWTOR’s arrival, particularly in light of recent reports that show declining subscriptions for World of Warcraft. WoW subs are down approximately one million since late 2010. Some reports have said that WoW could lose up to 500,000 more subscribers to SWTOR.



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