Star Wars: The Old Republic : The Future of the Old RepublicStar Wars: The Old Republic : The Future of the Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic has taken the MMO gaming world by storm over the last month. We had the opportunity to chat with Game Director James Ohlen about what the team has planned for the future for SWTOR. Check out our exclusive interview and then let us know what you think in the comments.our prestigious company will fullfill any swtor  gold transaction with fast delivery,any fraudulent misrepresensation or fake statement will exterminated from ourcompany,any customer who purchase swtor gold will obtain extra 5%-10% gold as the remuneration for frequently purchase

James started off by saying that launch went well and was smoother than they expected. They have now gotten queue lines under control. They are also focused on the population across game levels to keep track of how many players are hitting end game early. The team has been using their maintenance window to fix bugs in weekly patches and have been successful in cleaning some of the problems early on. One of the great things James pointed out is that the average play time per player remains very high. Bioware is excited about this because it measures player retention and give them some accurate metrics to go over.




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