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FF14 “is the Japanese developed a MMORPG, namely massively multiplayer online role-playing game, in the middle of 2010 the PS3, XBOX and worldwide sales on PC platform, support four languages, Japanese, English, French and German. The final fantasy 14 full beyond the final fantasy xi “quality, represents the final fantasy series of a peak, is a milestone in the network game.

1 On the game

SCEA President Tretton before SONY E3 2009 press conference announced that SQUAR – ENIX company of final fantasy 14 “will be monopolized by the PS3. This is a MMORPG, equivalent to the final fantasy xi “sequel, because do not belong to the category of with the stand-alone version of the classical works, so, although the final fantasy 14 booking will be released in 2010, but with the” final fantasy 13 “listed there is no conflict, but final fantasy 14″ may continue to delayed the launch. Because the SQUAR – ENIX how also can’t let a year there are so many listed on final fantasy new works. Then the final fantasy 14 “square website online. And published the propaganda video game. The final fantasy 14 listed in 2010, in addition to the PS3 include PC platform landing platform. Can be seen from the FF14 propaganda films, the game is similar to previous FF11. Final fantasy XI player-wise have joined the next-gen game development. They are trying to make it different from the past Square Enix game. Officials had said the game to join some of the functionality: such as “flow data upload”, “more practical”, “Microtransactions”, “monster refresh” 24 hours a day, “more concise menu”, etc. Maker will focus on the weapons, the weapon will decide the player of the game and the way of combat and growth, and the former professional system is very different, SE will continue to perfect this system. Weapons will become the theme of the game, by switching weapons, players can more freedom to choose their own role. Of course, the premise is have the corresponding proficiency. In some special way, some players can be Solo. But as mentioned earlier, there is no experience in final fantasy 14 “and rank but a system of natural growth, players should be more active to understand the world, to accept and complete the various tasks, and his teammates adventure, explore the unknown world. If some players feel unable to blend in, also can choose the Solo part of the content.

2 Race is introduced

The game is divided into five RACES, respectively is: clan, meters high, lala phil road race, el thain and LuJiaDing.

2.1 repair the clan El road’s most populous ethnic, once lived in three other mainland China, and finally into the el road. Their arrival makes el road Isaiah’s technical level and civilization degree rise significantly. As the residence, even at the same time take the language and culture is also different. 2.2 meters high, in the great ice age from migration on frozen sea hunting ethnic descent. Sense of smell, like at night. And like to act alone, living alone. 2.3 lala phil family live in the south island road, farming for a living. Petite and robust limbs, action is quite flexible. Often, because of the selling of agricultural products and to el road. Warm personality, and other ethnic relations are very well. 2.4 Mr Thain clan el road of indigenous people, were god’s chosen nation, in a dominant position in the entire continent. Slender legs, auditory sensitive, like to live a life of nomads on the grasslands. 2.5 LuJiaDing family of Marine life in the north island nation, limbs, folkway tough, outgoing personality. Family of inside a lot of people came to the sea as a mercenary. There are also many people did the pirates on the sea.

3 Employment

3.1 gun warlock Gun warlock is hands wield guns as the main weapon of the warrior. Good at take advantage of the length of the gun attack from enemy attack range for spikes. Due to the powerful city country the lamy, Allah Mhigo, affects spearmen, so before to spikes for the mainstream of the lance. But now the gun has been integrated into a variety of different forms, depending on the type and makes use of, or blow colorful target attack. Distant wars with throwing javelin is quite popular now. 3.2 the bows warlock warlock is bow as the main weapon of the warrior, good at using the characteristics of projectile weapons from a distance of the enemy sniper or flexure. For good shooting position and respond to the enemy species selection strategy concept has a corresponding characteristics of arrows, etc. Under Mr Obama jieya elves (Elezen) is the most popular though long bow technique and the orc tribe (Miqo ‘traditional short te) hunter bow. In addition, at the same time proficient in art are also a lot of stone. 3.3 smithing division smithing division is adopted while the iron is hot metal craftsmen to produce weapons props, the main prop for the hammer. Can forge a sword in the workshops, also to camp in the field of grinding dagger, no matter what time and place to do business. Professional origins can be traced back to the earliest ancient Bronze Age, including traditional and since the ancient times is a direct line of succession to mentoring system technology, as well as the most advanced technology such as cannon, now have mixed together, there are many different genres. 3.4 eyelid division division is proficient in the ingredients and preparing food artisans, the main prop for the pan. Can regulate the with fire, and the properties such as water of food to feed people on an empty stomach. Although since prehistoric has been a profession, but it was not until recent years began to recipes and published and was identified as integration technology. These are credited to a half west ji formerly known as gourmet and will cook on warship slim sand sea city country? The prefect Xia Ge luo sa (Limsa Lominsa)? In Lebanon. 3.5 tailors tailors are proficient in textile and sewing clothes artisans, the main props for stitches. Can collect single-handedly fiber spinning, yarn fabric collection, collection of cloth from sewing clothes and so on a series of work of fiber experts. In addition to people respond to a variety of hobbies, for the study of the fashion and harmonic is one of the important work. Because of the professional features, thus there are a lot of tailors will embrace rotating wheel weave human life spans the goddess of beauty (Nymeia). 3.6 processing division leather processing division is stitched leather tanning leather to make leather boots, belts and other leather products of artisans, the main props for leather knife. In addition to the processing of leather, buy adventurers from hunting for a living every day brought back fur and scale of of all kinds of leather material is part of the work content. Due to the elves esoteric senior leather tanning technology has now been lifted, so the recent market demand for use leather to processed into various products also will increase. 3.7 alchemist chain he is proficient in mineral, spirit, and a curse, sacred things such as artisans, the main props for distiller. By changing the nature of the material for the purpose, can be made with cure effect of these drugs or toxic effect of drama, medicine and other characteristics of different drugs. Until recent years under Mr Auger and establish technology and construct a complete system. In addition to the incoming near east antique gold chain operation as the foundation, and a mixture of dwarves (Lalafell) herbalism and the orcs of the occult. 3.8 other spells, illusionists, fishery information is unknown, cannot be introduced.

4 Public content

4.1 public system “Final Fantasy XIV, one of the gear system is the basis of the game experience, as the role change hands of weapons and tools, can change the characteristics of the role; Players can according to individual types of equipment to improve their own ability, such as holding a sword and shield, sword fighter “weapons”, holding a “magic weapons” mantra warlock, such as staves into handheld “acquisition tools such as axes, the rods into the woodcutter, fishermen, or holding a” means of production “into forging craftsmen or cook four kinds. The design concept is mainly is the hope for players to play when the team is more convenient, such as when a lack of ability of the players in the team found that can replace weapons, for players to a team play more flexible. The other is “Guildleves” system, the so-called Guildleves is shaded rectangle crystal plate, each board depict the holiness of the holy one of Eorzea the behavior. When sending task, consignor will provide these crystal plate, adventurers allow adventurers take the necessary actions in order to achieve the task, including entering the restricted areas, in the private domain of hunting or gathering, or negotiate with is regarded as the nation’s enemies, etc. Guildleves adventurers can use the stone of the sky, while allowing for quick travel in a particular area. When adventurers to the pub to visit, according to the ability of adventurers, the host will provide different forms of crystal plate, adventurers adventurers risk according to the task, remuneration, luck and other conditions, choosing the most suitable for Guildleves personal needs. Tasks must be completed by adventurers alone does not necessarily, adventurers can be friends, each task has a different types; Even each adventurers can bring different Guildleves constitute a big adventure. Has the website released rock system of the sky, in the aspect of Eorzea world passes have into the peculiar stone of the sky, players use the sky stone can be easily moved to elsewhere, but use the worldstone must pay a certain cost, and to avoid the side effects of after use, so the game will be set to a certain time to use again. 4.2 adventurer second home Eorzea game story Game story for countries to compete in the past, the bloody war history Eorzea, however, because of Eorzea is considered to be the land of god cherishes, still attracted many adventurers, mainly because there is “crystal” is considered here, the player will be a new adventure in the land. Eorzea’s city state to one of the twelve gods gods as a patron saint, because of the territory, and the city launched a long war between history; 15 years ago, however, has been considered to be the power of the six major cities Eorzea existing Ala Mhigo, has been compromised Garlean empire, Garlean led warships sailing on the sky with armed soldiers, Eorzra other cities in the face of this threat, decided to secret sign a military alliance, cooperation, fortunately Garlean imperial aggression, did not continue to make Eorzea entered the era of peace for the time being. In order to prevent future may suffer from the storm of war, new military alliance plans to strengthen its defense force, but in the past few city has its own army, used more mercenary system. After Ala Mhigo fall, they establish the city defense army again, so that rapid mobilization in times of need. But it has also caused many mercenary lost his job and become a dangerous member of the society, have the ability of condottiere began to gather at this time capable of mercenaries and the people, the mutual aid organizations, want to solve all kinds of disputes. In this context, belongs to the beginning of adventure gamers is imminent. Eorzea set to “Final Fantasy XIV” adventurers first adventure stage, with the mainland and the surrounding islands, and of the sea city Limsa Lominsa, sand city of Ul ‘dah, the city of forest Gridania, etc. Among them, the public Limsa Lominsa patron saint for Marine goddess of the legend that year in order to escape a concept of a group of ships at sea goddess, came to Limsa Lominsa and build the city, then formed was chosen as the prefect of the city’s leaders were crown navy customs; The city’s main industry as the fishing and shipbuilding, have powerful navy, but there are still the pirate-infested waters near.

5 Reference configuration

Final fantasy 14 “will be on September 30, and meet you, today (homeless star reported on July 22, 2010) the PC version of the game official configuration requirements, it seems that also calculate a killer gaming hardware! The minimum configuration: System: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista/Windows 7 CPU: Intel Core2 Duo (2.0 GHz)/AMD Athlon X2 (2.0 GHz) Memory: Windows: more than 1.5 GB/XP, more than 2 GB/Vista, Windows 7 Hard disk: more than 15 gb (installer), more than 6 gb (download) The graphics card: 512 m memory NVIDIA GeForceR 9600 or ATI Radeon HD 2900 or higher Sound: DirectSound interchangeable type sound card (DirectX 9.0 c above) Network, broadband access More than 1280 x 720 resolution: 32 bit DirectX: DirectX 9.0 c Other: mouse, keyboard, handle The recommended configuration: System: Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit does 5 CPU: IntelR more than 2.66 GHz Core i7 Memory: more than 4 gb Hard disk: more than 15 gb (installer), more than 6 gb (download) Video: NVIDIAR GeForce GTX 460 more than 768 MB of memory Sound: DirectSound interchangeable type sound card (DirectX 9.0 c above) Network, broadband access More than 1280 x 720 resolution: 32 bit DirectX: DirectX 9.0 c Other: mouse, keyboard, handle

6 Recent news

Tretton SCEA, President of SONY ended in 2009, before the E3 press conference, announced that SQUAR – ENIX company of final fantasy XIV “will be made by the PS3 exclusive! This is a MMORPG, equivalent to “final fantasy XI” sequel, because do not belong to the category of with the stand-alone version of the classical works, so, although the final fantasy XIV booking will be released in 2010, but with the final fantasy XIIII listed there is no conflict, but the final fantasy XIII V issue likely will continue to be, because the SQUAR – ENIX how also can’t get in a year there are so many listed on final fantasy new works. Then the final fantasy 14 “square website online. 7 cross-platform development final fantasy XIV “is to” final fantasy XI “development. Both have the same idea, has the continuity of the story. On the basis of the original, however, changed many of the final fantasy XIV, increased a lot of new design, will do something for you in the following content is introduced. Cross-platform development is a complicated process. Some people think that as long as the games developed a platform, to portable to other platforms. But don’t know, the cost of transplant is very high, sometimes even more than the operating income of the game, that is to say, you will end up close not back to the cost. In addition to the original development team need to constantly update of online games, in order to enhance the user activity, which consumes a large part of human, and then worked to transplant, it is not wise. Therefore, in order to develop a successful cross-platform development, game developers need to be at the beginning of the project to determine, consider a cross-platform compatibility, to avoid the failure of transplantation. Development team by standardizing and sharing server to solve the management problems of different platforms, and reduce operating costs. New patch should also be updated for each platform users at the same time, and should not be due to multiple platforms problem because of the delay in repair. The advantage is can let the PS3, Xbox360, PC and so on various platforms of the players can play in the same world, and there will be no preferential weighting of ideas.
7 More wonderful news and game information please click FFXIV Gil.



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