The Prices in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Modified

FIFA Ultimate Team is a major game play modes, where players have the opportunity to ride their own teams, using athletes from different leagues and nationalities. Recently, FIFA 15 Coins hane received some major changes to your athletes sale system. Check the news.

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Fixed prices

Named Price Ranges, the new function came to the game with the mission to set limits to the value of purchase and sale of players in the Ultimate Team mode.

The system is “invisible” and at first does not influence negatively on any aspect of the game. From now on, to try to list a player for sale in the game auctions, players will be informed of the minimum and maximum value for the sale.

The numbers depend directly on the quality and popularity of the athlete on the way, and also serve to help inexperienced players to refrain from any big mistakes in selling their players.

The end of the Coins for sale

Now will also be required to add a price of “Buy Now” to all its players. This will help prevent the use of bots infamous, used for automatic buying players listed at prices below average.

Even with the various promises, the great cause of the changes are parallel sales game currencies held in many of the internet trading sites. In this type of transaction, the buyer list a crappy player by the amount of coins you bought the seller (which is always much higher than the value of the letter), which in turn buy that letter.

The activity bothered EA and the community of players, since, in addition to decreasing sales of FIFA Points (the official currency of the game sold by the company), still left the game unbalanced, with extremely strong teams achieved forms ” illegal “.

By limiting values, it will be impossible to post letters “worthless” at high prices, preventing this type of trading. Change is extremely welcome, and promises to make more fair and accessible market for all.

EA also stated that the new system is a first attempt to “fix things”, and plans to update values ​​and rules as needed. The fixed prices are available for all platforms, and are identical in all versions.

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