Taking On The WoW Clone ArgumentTaking On The WoW Clone Argument

As I write this Rift has been out for a little over four months and we have just received update 1.3, Waves of Madness. Trion Worlds promised players an aggressive update schedule and I would say that so far they have delivered. March 30th saw the release of update 1.1, River of Souls which had death rifts popping up all over Telara. There was a world event which players of all levels could participate in leading up to the unlocking of the River of Souls raid zone.

 There were also a boat load of fixes and tweaks and a handy feature allowing you to capture video and upload it to Youtube while in-game. Not a bad start.
Of course, the more experience you get, the quicker you level up. wow powerleveling for this reason, has become a key strategy amongst many in WOW. A game also made by the same company as Warcraft. In most situations, those who have less power will benefit because otherwise they would easily have been defeated if left on their own. Their more powerful allies/partners are helping them kill off the enemies and bosses. any  adwords found in google searching engine  related to wow will become our company’s principally business: wow power leveling, cheap wow power leveling ,power leveling wow,powerleveling wow,wow power leveling service,power leveling,The weaker players then benefit from the experience and item drops. Savvy World of Warcraft gamers spend their time wow powerleveling so they can advance quicker) 

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