TERA Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

En Masse Entertainment is hyping up the community in celebration of TERA’s one-year anniversary, releasing details on a month-long series of events as well as a handy infographic giving us a rundown on what players have been up to all this time.

Incorporating  a real-time battle system with a third person camera view into a fantasy MMO, TERA has a lot to offer to players.  Typical features such as quests, crafting, and PvP action are available, but one of the main differences between TERA and other fantasy games is the battle system:  Rather than tab-targeting a victim, players manually target an enemy with cross-hairs and actively dodge enemy attacks!

In the most recent update, TERA Rising, the game went free-to-play and brought a plethora of new and engaging content for players to enjoy. The launch trailer below gives a taste of what you’ve been missing. 

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