TERA Happy Cloud Appointed to Enable On Demand Access

“Happy Cloud helps publishers and gamers by breaking down barriers to getting in-

game,” said Eric Gastfriend, VP and GM of Happy Cloud.  “A 22 GB download and

installation can take days.  We’ve cut the initial download by over 90% and

eliminated the installation process entirely, all without making any changes to the

game’s source code.”

Happy Cloud, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based on demand gaming, just

announced that it has been selected to partner with En Masse Entertainment to enable

on demand access for TERA: Rising, its premier subscription-free action-oriented

MMORPG.  Happy Cloud’s innovative “data streaming” technology now allows gamers to

jump into TERA’s immersive world with no need to sit through a download and

installation process.
Happy Cloud’s patent-pending data streaming technology works by delivering the game

’s content files—images, video, sound, and game logic—to the end user’s computer

as they play, in the order they are needed.  Gamers no longer need to sit through

many hours of waiting to download the 22 GB necessary to install TERA: Rising.  Happy

Cloud data streaming eliminates over 90% of the initial download and the entire

installation process, enabling a seamless on demand user experience.

TERA: Rising is the subscription-free version of En Masse Entertainment’s inaugural

title. The game made the transition from subscription-only in early 2013, and since

then has seen tremendous growth, more than doubling its registered player accounts,

which has fueled heightened player activity. With demand on the rise, the integration

of Happy Cloud will allow gamers improved ease of access to the world of TERA.

“Improving our user onboarding process for TERA: Rising is a priority for us, and

using Happy Cloud’s system is an easy way for us to get more players into TERA’s

immersive, 3D world,” said Soo Min Park, COO at En Masse Entertainment. “Taking a

graphically rich, fast-paced game such as TERA: Rising, which contains hundreds of

hours of gameplay, and delivering the bytes in the order they’re needed is no small

task, but we’re confident this will provide an even better experience for our fast

growing legion of fans.”

Happy Cloud data streaming technology is wrapped around the compiled game executable

by the Happy Cloud team with little to no effort or code changes required from the

game developers.  It includes full support for frequent patches and updates.  Happy

Cloud uses intelligent branching and caching algorithms to deliver the game content

from the cloud as it is played.  Eventually, the user is left with a full

installation of the game on their computer, and has the exact same gameplay

experience as through a traditional download. 

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