TERA New Version Level Raised To 60

April 22, TERA was officially announced on April 24, launched the new version of “The Queen rise”, the new version of the character level to 60; open a copy of the new single, hunting area map, the ultimate skills game content.

Seven new hunting areas
The revision opens the seven hunting area, sun patio, blue sky valley, three towers, Carnot Shakespeare-front will bring players a variety of stimuli checkpoints, and you can also. Al-kun experience mysterious events.

Single copies
A fresh copy to win Shrine, abandoned church official and other games, including the most special play than single challenge level, although one can also participate in a duel, in addition to the 7, 5 challenges. It is understood that the new copy of tera gold for sale the loot in new 13 order legend props.

In addition, the game open 27 free experience, 50 double role experience 30% the expired state account players receive a free daily 30 minutes commodity. Free players to experience the state account, for the first time by 30 days or 90 days Product Quick purchase enjoy discounts. 

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