The boys play often at wow gold

1. Chinese men and women’s proportion is inharmonious. At present the national men and women sex ratio at birth is 116.9 : 100, and some provinces have reached 135:100, the situation is not optimistic. The feudal thought affects Chinese young people’s martial status. It is said that there are about 50 million men will be bachelors.

2. a lot of college students play , as they are boring in life, then they play games to anesthesia themselves. Therefore, a large number of students play games together. Playing games is happy and sometimes can get rid of some worries, but players should not addict into game, otherwise a lot of students will not graduate.

3. Now a lot of girls have boyfriends and they don’t contact any girls in daily life. Girls they love have had boyfriends, so they just use game to cost time.

4. The boys play  often at home, some even stay for a few months. When parents called them out, they refuse.

5.maybe male WOW players are not handsome enough. So they are a little self-absed and dare to express their love to girls they like.

6. girls who play WOW just for their boyfriends also play it and ask them to play. I remember every time I play FB, there are girls who talk on UT.

7. Some graduation students couldn’t find jobs under the influence of finance crisis, so they often stay in internet club. But how they earn money?buying a house and even support families? All in all, it is a word “difficult”.

8. most of males WOW players hope their girls are virgins. But in the current society, it is not easy to find this kind of girl.


The destruction of silvermoon city 

Sadly, the sunwell’s formidable strength finally destroyed silvermoon city, which never got through any profane in thousands years. But it was ended by a rebel.

Dall bar · Della hill is a member of parliament. As one of the influential ruler, he has a lot of dissatisfaction. He always didn’t feel to be respected, even though he is the most powerful mage.

So when Arthas Menethil destroied the soul of the prince in Northrend and got close to the rebel, dall bar was very excited to society which betray him, conspired against him great city and he promised to protect the sunwell. He wants to control sunwell alone, but not sharing with other members of parliament. Arthas found the method to get though the elves door and defeated Sylvanas and her subordinates. But the forest guardians didn’t realize they have had been a complete failure. When Alsace and his soulowner went to silvermoon city directly, Dall attacked the no preparation parliament members and destroied the defense of sunwell. But what out of his mind is that Alsace wasn’t interested in his dream and wild ambition. Therefore when Dall bar saw the death knight using sunwell’s power to make kel ‘thuzad rebirth for the lich, he was surprised.

9. when you reach marriage time, parents often nag and ask you to find a girlfriend and get married. They find a marriage target for you, while you still don’t want to go outside. Sometimes, even they met girls, the chance to be with them is very low.

10. if you don’t accord any itme above, you must be a singe man. 

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