The Dragon Soul will be empowered

Kalecgos rested his hand on Thrall’s shoulder. “From what I have discovered, the artifact was constructed in such a way that dragons who wield it are torn apart by its energies. It fills us with a pain that leads to madness. But short-lived beings, due to their very nature, can use it without bodily harm.” “There is great risk in what we ask of you, Thrall.” Ysera’s lilting voice wafted through the room. “After the Dragon Soul is brought to the present, you must transport it toWyrmrestTemple. It is a place of great power connected to the Chamber of the Aspects, where the artifact was originally imbued. The Dragon Soul will already be empowered, but we will infuse it with our essences again, making it more potent than it ever was and potentially more unstable. Know that if Deathwing learns of our intent, he and his minions will surely converge on the temple to waylay you at all costs.”

“I do not mean to question your wisdom,” Thrall said humbly, “but other races throughout Azeroth have also suffered Deathwing’s fury. We could muster an army of mortals the like of which has never been seen to crush the black Aspect. Would that not be a simpler course of action?” “Even if every living mortal faced Deathwing, it would matter not,” Alexstrasza said. “He has been twisted by the Old Gods’ dark energies. No physical assault, immense, can destroy him. His very essence must be unraveled, and the Dragon Soul alone has the power to do so.”

“But only with you at our side,” Kalec added. “The artifact was imbued with the essences of the four Aspects, but Deathwing never imparted his into it. If we are to use this weapon to defeat him, we must infuse it with the power of the Earth-Warder. You, Thrall, possess a portion, however small, of that exact thing: the essence of Azeroth itself.” “It is impossible for us to use the Dragon Soul on our own,” Alexstrasza said to Thrall. “It falls to you… if you choose. This is more than I would have ever wished to ask of you, especially after you have already risked your life to help us.” 

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