The Fixed Shadow Priests of WOW

Fix shadow word pain! This spell has to be recast once the raids debuffs are on the

boss, it’s sad when spriests have to have an add-on to help them choose when to

recast a spell that shouldn’t even be broken. Just have our Pain and suffering spell

cast a brand new shadow word pain if one already exists on the target, instead of

just refreshing the shadow word pain.
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Increase the damage of mindflay, it is our biggest single target dps spell. The spell

itself is underpowered, it only has 20 yard range to start with. We have to waste a

glyph spot just to have it 30 yards like our other spells. At least add a 2nd effect

to it to have it deal more damage, or increase the spell power scaling of mind flay.

This also leads into my last suggestion.

Scaling, this is a word that shadow priest cringe at due to the fact that we can not

keep up with other classes. Mind blast only gets 7.8 spell power per 10 spell power

that you have, this is our hardest hitting spell and yet it only crits for a little

over 10k. We are not saying give us a huge buff to everything, because we do not

think we should be topping meters on every type of fight, we excel at aoe and do

decent damage in double dot fights.

We understand that we can not do everything, but at least give people who have our

rotation down to a science and have best in slot gear a chance to do competitive dps.

In our opinion every dps class should have a chance to crack the top 5 in dps on any

single target fight, and spriests are far from that day ever happening.

Now we are not saying we want to see all of these things to happen to spriests, but

just 1 of them could greatly increase our dps and make it so the spriest community is

happy with our numbers. Please feel free to leave your thoughts or ideas, maybe if we

get enough people to look at this and respond to it they will notice the problem that

they are trying to sweep under the rug. 

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