The Free-to-Play Experience DetailedThe Free-to-Play Experience Detailed


The Star Wars: The Old Republic blog has been updated with a terrific new post detailing the developers’ thoughts about the free-to-play experience. Key to the success of the new model will be that players can reach level 50 without paying a dime and that their user experience is not degraded in any way from those who are subscribers.

The first core rule is that we want to be sure that players can reach level 50 without paying a cent, if so desired. The final design meets this requirement: Free-to-Play players can play levels 1 through 50 and enjoy the vast majority of the classic storyline and side quests during their journey. A member of our Marketing team once observed that Star Wars: The Old Republic is roughly 24 times the size of the original Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™ game. Well, now BioWare is letting players have all that story content for free! That’s not to say there won’t be restrictions – Free-to-Play players will earn experience more slowly, for example, and several aspects of the gameplay experience are limited. If you have friends who love Star Wars™ and the BioWare-style storytelling, but were uneasy about the monthly subscription, or paying $60 up front for the box – well, come mid-November, those concerns should be erased.

Read the full post as well as gain new information about the subscriber rewards on the Star Wars: The Old Republic blog.



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