The gates of Gielinor had barely been open

Today sees the long-awaited launch of the 10 Year VeteranCape– a cape available only to members that have been playing RuneScape for 10 years or more. A lot can happen in 10 years, just take a look at RuneScape back in 2002! The gates of Gielinor had barely been open a year when Ardougne made its first appearance on the map, and the poor (or should that be rich?) Carnilleans first fell victim to the heinous Hazeel Cult. 2002 was also the year thatTutorialIslandwelcomed many new visitors to RuneScape, and many an adventurer also met their demise at the hands of the newly-arrived King Black Dragon!

Back in the real world, 2002 sawJapanandKoreahost the FIFA World Cup, and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers first hit cinema screens. If you’ve been playing our game for 10 years, you certainly deserve a special item to mark this magnificent commitment. This prestigious garment is is available to members only, a members item and it can be purchased from Hans, who can be found in the grounds ofLumbridgeCastle. Before you head off to get your cape and enjoy its impressive new emote, we’d just like to say a big thank you to all of our loyal players.

 In the rare event that a fraudulent order passes our screening process, we will report the fraudulent activities to the appropriate legal authorities. And provide those authorities with the necessary information to complete an arrest and prosecution. Your ISP will be notified of your fraudulent activities and they will punish you according to their User Agreement and/or Acceptable User Policies. Might also initiate civil action against you, depending on the amount of money involved with your fraudulent activities. All information supplied to the appropriate authorities will include, but is not limited to purchase history, IP addresses, Chat history, email history, email IP addresses, customer telephone numbers. For those players who are urgently in need of RS gold, come to contact our website and place and order, you will get your desired gold instantly. 

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