The last quest WOW path in a cave of joint task

This task will be to the dark abyss task, can get open the deep internal key to the door. Joining task must be in the state of death in the map A point joint task, then you should go to kill eph noth. Tak Wells and take back warhammer iron bravery to the point of WOW temple before the statue to complete the task, get dark furnace key. Not harmonious flame in WOW Gold, card door looking for thunder hart joint task, and then in the black stone copy to kill a outside of the element of fire conqueror sent lung, back into the task, the instance kill eason, dior, mission accomplished.

The most important taskis copy in WOW which has the card for the ref the marksman jia ramah eph joint task, then go to the deep part of the release of the prison commander brother shaq again to Carl giant hammer to talk, finally to Mr City find sall joint task, get back to the emperor. The last quest LongYi path in a cave of joint task, and then and his dialogue, will summon a dragon head. Kill get black dragon skin, and then deep kill bell added, point his corpse collecting.

A series of tasks in WOW, card first ref there join task, then go to the central plains of combustion ShiTouRen kill, get fracture element pieces, and then go to WOW, card the flute camp for Wells walker, latour, finally received to kill puppet commander agger mann singular task. Card, and find the dark mage joint, killing the deep inside the element monster collection ten copies of element essence that finally gets a reward is a ring stamina intelligence spirit. 

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