The List : Guild Wars 2 Launch EditionThe List : Guild Wars 2 Launch Edition

he day has finally come when the gaming world gets to get into Guild Wars 2 to see if it can and will live up to the promise it seems to embody. We’ve been hanging out during the head start and have The List today that details some of what we’ve seen, both good and bad. See what you think!
I don’t know if you guys have heard, but a little game called Guild Wars 2 is official “Launching” as of today, August 28th. I’ve spend what seems like forever in the game over the past few days, and as the lucky dog who gets to review the game here on and have you all tear me a new one when you don’t agree with me (I’m kidding, sort of) I thought we’d celebrate the launch with a look at three fantastic things I’m loving in the new Tyria, and three things I’m less than thrilled with. Then later this week, we’ll officially start our “Review in Progress” series leading up to the official review later in September. So, let’s dive in (if you’re actually on the site and not playing). Mind you, some of my “negatives” could very well be fixed by the time you read this. But them’s the breaks





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