The Old GodsThe Old Gods

In today’s Chronicles of One Telaran,’s Paul Crilley takes readers on a tour of the Old Gods inhabiting the Telaran realms. Caedryn the Dwarf learns all there is to know about each of the oldies…but goodies or baddies, depending on your perspective. Read more and then leave us your comments.

With the first few intro quests out of the way, I have to admit that things are very interesting here and we are thrown right into the deep end. It seems that Silverwood is being invaded. Maelforge, the dragon of fire, is using a breach in the planes to communicate with members of the Wanton, his dragon cult followers. These deluded fools are trying to bring him through the rift. And Caedryn has to stop that; otherwise the world (cue movie trailer voiceover guy) will fall beneath an apocalypse of flame.


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