The Problem No One’s Talking AboutThe Problem No One’s Talking About

  1. The MMO market is arguable the most crowded it has ever been with each game clamoring for players’ attention. But with the notion that the field is a crowded one, comes the revelation that there are two serious issues with MMOs today. In Bill’s latest column, he examines those problems. See what he has to say and then leave your ideas in the comments.The problem is MMOs by their very nature are dependent upon players sticking around in game for months or years at a time.  The FPS of the week can get away with ten-hours of gameplay and a box sold. Big AAA online games that are services and not finite experiences cannot.  From my vantage point, there is no easy solution to this issue.  But there are two culprits that stand out as barriers to the MMO adjusting for a more crowded marketplace: revenue model and content-based design.  It’s my belief that an MMORPG can still retain lots of players’ attention, but it’s probably best to avoid the “OMGFailure!” hyperbole by looking towards these two solutions.  It’s my belief that a flexible revenue model and non-content reliant design can lead towards a more successful game in the long run; both from a financial standpoint and a community reaction standpoint.

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