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Funcom and the development team behind The Secret World chose to engage players in a whole new way prior to the game’s release later this summer. Playing The Secret War allowed players to participate in the game using social media to do so. We caught up with Erling Ellingsen to talk about The Secret War. See what he’s got to say and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.
MMORPG: You have been really creating an amazing story with The Secret World, how much of that did the social game bring into light?

Erling Ellingsen: I would say The Secret War focused primarily on the conflict between the secret societies, rather than the ‘everything is true’ theme of the MMO. We definitely linked a lot of the game content into The Secret War, particularly the assets participants could share with their friends including screenshots and videos. The most important thing has been the secret society experience, from the new personality test to the actual mechanics of The Secret War social experience. Deploying agents into territories, seeing the territories turn from one secret society to the other, and to actively working together with other community members on tackling the weekly War Challenge – that’s what The Secret War primarily focused on.

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