The Wilderness in Runescape

The Wilderness (or Wildy) RuneScape is a place that can be reached by traveling north of Varrok / Edgeville / Falador. It’s a place where players can attack other players. Bring your best weapon when you get some experience in battle and runescape gold in the game, otherwise you will not get much reward. Remember to bring some good food. Half of the wilderness is multi-combat, which means that this is were the clan wars and clan Pking most likely to go. The other half is a single combat, if random PKers and solo pkers trek to find their prey.
When you attack another player, you will receive a “skull” on your head, which lasts twenty minutes. (You defend an attack does not give you a skull). Players with skulls lose all their points if they die, instead of the usual all-but-the-three-more-valuable. Be very careful during the attacks, if possible get the enemy to attack you first preserve your articles. Protection of prayer items allow you to keep an extra point.
There are many places in the desert PKers many choose to go, because they are considered good locations for the PK. Ardougne Teleport Level (Level 55 Wilderness and a favorite for P2P pkers). This is the place to go for players with a death wish. Pkers hang out here all the time, because many players with rs gold will use the lever to think it will be safer. It is actually a better idea of walking through the desert together, the chances of dying are much lower. Greater Demons (multi combat zone, level 46 Wilderness. Level 92 Greater Demon hanging here. Clan Wars generally occurs around this area.
Dark Warrior Castle (multi combat zone to some extent, the level of 12-17 Wilderness. Many PKers free to play around here. Green Dragons (several locations, PKers want to kill unwary players on the training green dragons with runescape gold. Level 1 Varrok wild (very crowded at times, the multi combat zone. Many inexperienced players make decent clothes in here thinking they can run easily, but die. A favorite spot for F2P and P2P alike, as it are many characters with levels up.
Giants (level 18 wild, multi combat zone. Level 9 Hill (Used by PKers in Free to Play, multi-role combat. This is the place to go for players with a death wish. Pkers hang out here all the time, because many players will use the lever and runescape money to think it will be safer. The hill is a good place for players to kill player running towards the hill can not see who is on the hill until they are actually on the hill, by then it’s usually too late. 

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