Underwater PvP and the Downed StateUnderwater PvP and the Downed State

We spent some time with the new “underwater” sPvP map, Raid on the Capricorn, during yesterday’s Guild Wars 2 stress test. Find out what we thought about underwater combat in PvP and how Guild Wars 2′s controversial downed state mechanic plays into it.

Each of Guild Wars 2’s sPvP maps are based on conquest mode gameplay (a deliberate choice on ArenaNet’s part), but each features a distinct secondary mechanic to set it apart. In Raid on the Capricorn, the secondary mechanic consists of the underwater play space patrolled by a school of large sharks. These sharks will align themselves with whatever team is currently in control of the Ruins capture point and will assist in defending said point and attack any players of the opposite team that dare swim by. These sharks also hurt quite a bit, so they will make all the difference in a drawn out underwater skirmish.

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