USA Government Spend 1.2 million to study World of Warcraft

Earlier this week, the U.S. House of Representatives Leader Eric Cantor claimed in public: a way for the study of World of Warcraft huge spending most wasteful of all federal government spending, use of this expenditure units for North game of the Carolina State University research laboratory. Spending money to gain WOW Gold: federal scientific research fund expenditures of $ 1,200,000 Employment adults playing world of Warcraft and consider the impact of their brain.

World of Warcraft from birth onwards has always been a major focus of public opinion and the eyes of the public, trying to take advantage of Warcraft this topic for speculation, chatter few therefore Warcraft lying in gun farce endless, not uncommon .

Over the years, the only such banner Warcraft guise of stirring up trouble in great demand. Abroad, each The MMORPG class birth of online games will legitimately own paste Terminator of Warcraft, Warcraft rival like to attract the eye of the label, part of the World of Warcraft players want to take the opportunity to erode. Both eight years ago, and now, the popularity and reputation of Warcraft never rely on speculation derived from, but from the seriousness of Blizzard and its huge comeback efforts.

Whenever Warcraft have always maintained a positive and a positive image to appear in front of the players and the public. We advise those who continue to wait for an opportunity to borrow the name of Warcraft Figure own interests to keep a clear head, do not fabricate facts confuse more stop grandstanding laughable. 

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