Vote to bring back the old Runescape

Runescape was, for many of us, the first mmorpg we ever laid hands on. As time went on, the game eventually strayed from greatness and into the age of “Ruinedscape”. Well, now people are calling for the old Runescape even more. Was it because of the recent combat change to Runescape? Probably. Anyways, you can now bring back the days of nostalgia and greatness by voting for the return of the Runescape of circa 2007. You will need to be a member, however once 750k votes are obtained, free players can also enjoy the good days of Runescape. Voting ends March 1st, 2013.
Yes, the tutorial island will be there. Along with the old graphics. The old servers will be brought back and be separate from the modern Runescape servers. So far, there about 78 worlds open, but more could come as we are still in the voting period.
Much of the decline of Runescape can be blamed on the purchase of the game by an investment group. Notice the cash shop hype and greed splattered over a game where everything used to be earned (Assuming you paid the $5 subscription). In the modern Runescape, you can spin a wheel and get rare drops at a chance. And buy even more spins with real money. Prestige clothes? In the cash shop. Old school Runescape thankfully does not have this according to the FAQ, but who knows. 

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