What Feature Would You Most Like To Added In Madden NFL 18

In the game, most of players wants to add more unique player traits and tiers to those traits. Like NBA 2k. Just a deeper franchise over. If you love Franchise, you can voice your opinion. In Madden NFL 18, here are some things people wants to add.

Image resultCoordinators

Most definitely. Allowing the player to start as an offensive or defensive coordinator, then move around to different teams and interview to be a head coach with a coaching carousel type thing. And coaching skills need to be overhauled aswell. Add skills for in-game situations. Head coaches can have game management skills (timeouts increase player skills, player skills boost in big games, setting up fakes and play action is more effective, etc), offensive and defensive coordinators need skills for their respective side of the ball.

Player relations
Maybe even just cosmetic but it would feel a lot more lifelike if players interacted with each other on and off the field. Go to each other’s weddings, tweet at each other, etc.

Crowd noise needs to impact play in sim style
Audibles should take longer. Offsides penalties should be more common. Players should have a hard time hearing. Maybe even run the wrong routes

More end of season awards
Team mvps should get small rewards to remove the all or nothing system.

Coaches should have specialties
Nobody should have a bonus for every position. Leveling up should increase the amount of specialties you get. The specialty you choose should be based on what you did well last season. Should not be xp based because then that’s the obvious choice. These would be things that the game gives you based on the way you play, not something you buy with XP, like what we have now.

Even better would be having different skill trees for different schemes and allowing coaches to specialize in them. Madden NFL 18 makes us feel more organic and realistic. As you get new weapons who can play different roles you can make different formations for them and plays that utilize their skills. It would make the whole game feel way fresher and gives so much more replayability. If you wants to have different roles and new weapons in this game, and lack of Madden 18 Coins, then you can find and buy in U4GM.com.

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