What Really Makes Diablo 3 a Fun Game?

What exactly makes Diablo 3 a fun game you may ask? Well lets see:
Killing evil creatures, lots and lots of evil creatures, the evilest of all the creatures, and watching them bleed and crumble before you in the comfort and safety of your own home, feels so so good!! Trust me, helps me sleep better :)

The game gives you a true sense of purging evil from a world. Saving and helping NPC (non playing characters) from evil feels good inside. Makes you feel like you are doing good deeds. The game really helps to draw you in with it’s gothic atmosphere and feel of medieval times.

Smashing Things! And getting rewarding for it! Feels good to not only kill evil monsters, but also being destructive on objects in the game world and obtaining achievements for it. And of course Blizzard does a good job of making it feel rewarding and fun for the player.

Presents! As I call it. Or some of you may say loot! Getting items, gear, gold to enhance your character so you can combat higher level monsters, so you can REALLY purge the world from evil. When rare or legendary items drop, it almost feels like getting a birthday present! Here is an example of a level 60 Legendary Item you can obtain that can make you a lot more powerful:
Hardcore Characters! Feeling the adrenaline rush from leveling hardcore characters. Leveling hardcore characters may not be for everyone, but for some the adrenaline rush you get from leveling hardcore characters feels amazing and so rewarding! Want to feel strong emotions while playing a video game? Try out a Diablo 3 Hardcore Character!

Achievement Hunting! Diablo 3 now introduces achievements, and I think they are a warm welcome. They simply make the game more fun. Achievements allows you to obtain goals for yourself. You can brag to others on all the achievements you have accomplished in Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 provides difficulty levels for all players. If you are a complete noobie, then normal difficulty is right for you, and you will slowly progress into harder difficulties as you level up and beat the game on normal, then nightmare, then hell, and now Diablo 3 introduces an all new difficulty: Inferno! So for all of you out there who complain the game is too easy, try beating hell/inferno difficulty!

I wouldn’t judge the game’s difficulty based on the first part of the game, really. It does get significantly harder in later difficulties, but tons of fun too. I treat each pack of elites like a puzzle and figure out the best way to beat them. Even in later parts of normal mode, it can get tough if you aren’t careful and let it get too mindless. So I wouldn’t jump the gun about difficulty so easily.

Think single player is fun!? Try multiplayer! Multiplayer in Diablo 3 is very fun! Playing cooperatively with your friends or even just with random players in the world is very exciting and rewarding!

Multiplayer itself isn’t even complete yet. Player Vs Player is coming in a later patch and I’m sure this will spark tons and tons of interest for gamers out there!

Variety! There’s lots of things in the game to do that are fun. There are Towns Folk to talk to (like all Diablo games), there’s secret levels, hidden quests, 5 different character classes, tons of items, tons and tons of skills and spells to obtain, strategies to figure out, Auction Hall’s to buy/sell items, big bosses to kill, and more!

And thanks to the site you are on now (BlizzardGuides.com), we will provide you with all kinds of free guides to help you become a better Diablo 3 player!

And lastly, it’s fun simply because it’s a new Diablo made by Blizzard Entertainment. What more could you ask for? 

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