While fighting K’ril, you can be poisoned


In Zamorak’s Fortress, the evil casts a darkness which no light source can pierce. You should be very careful if you want to take RuneScape Gold from them. Zamorak’s Champion, K’ril Tsutsaroth, is the highest leveled out of the four God Wars Dungeon bosses, and is the only one with a true special attack. He is also poisonous, as well as being considered a lesser demon (allowing you to make use of the 15% bonus to attack and strength of a black mask or slayer helm if you have a task of lesser demons!). To enter Zamorak’s Fortress, you will need to have 70 hitpoints. Upon crossing the bridge, your prayer will be completely drained.

K’ril has three separate attacks, a melee attack, magic-based attack and special attack. Melee attack can hit around 40. Magic-based attack can hit 20′s. Then special attack, only kick in if you are praying melee, will hit through prayer, drain prayer, and can hit around 50. This is not a reason to not pray melee however, as his regular melee attack is fairly strong and hits often. Just keep your hitpoints high and ALWAYS pray melee while under attack by K’ril Tsutsaroth. All of his attacks only hit one person. While fighting K’ril, you can be poisoned. His poison hits starting at 16. There are quite a few items that protect against Zamorak’s minions outside of the boss room: these include a zamorak god cape, zamorak blessed equipment from Treasure Trails, unholy symbol and many others.

Prized drops from K’ril and his minions include his Godsword hilt, godsword shards, and the Zamorakian Spear. If using the Trollheim teleport to arrive at the dungeon, use this strategy to keep a full inventory: Teleport to Trollheim, drop 2 food items, teleport back to a bank, get 2 more of the items dropped, and then teleport back to Trollheim. You should now have a full inventory. This is shown by the various skills you can improve such as mining, crafting and more. You can increase the skills by training them. By increasing your defence level, it increases your chances of being safe from attacks.   

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