Why Destiny Is So Attractive ?

Why Destiny is so attractive? I have played the game as early as it has been launched. But now I am still addicted to Destiny. And maybe I will play it for longer.

Why Destiny Is So Attractive ?

I love it so much because its exotic and legendary gear equipment and it is much easier to level up. (Best way to level up is destiny power leveling).

With the release of  Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, I think it’s safe to say many shooter fans have moved on from Destiny. Even prior to the launch of these two heavyweight shooters this year many people had already called it quits with Bungie’s latest title. Yet, somehow, I find myself still eagerly waiting for the weekly reset so that I may run through the raid, weekly nightfall strike, get more marks, and the list goes on and on. Now before any of you are quick to call me a delusional fool (which I could very well be), please allow me to explain myself.

I have heard the numerous complaints that have been leveled at Destiny, both justly and unjustly. Let’s just say I don’t even have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain my thoughts on these complaints (wink wink). But in all seriousness, allow me to elaborate. I grant you that there is not much in the way of a story. Your journey as a Guardian begins with seemingly haphazard missions that have you running around to different planets in order to perform various tasks (mostly guarding Dinklebot during wave after wave of enemies), and it never truly becomes a cohesive objective till after you meet the Stranger on Venus. However, the fact remains that exceptionally deep lore DOES exist.

Why Destiny Is So Attractive ?

Like I said story takes a backseat. But to what? For me, it comes down to gameplay and leveling up. And I think when it comes to Destiny, most people undoubtedly agree that it is a mechanically solid shooter. I love the fluidity of sliding around a corner mid-sprint, followed by a quick Lift (yes, I play a Titan) into the air, culminating in a great arcing Fist of Havoc smash on the ground to wipe out my foes. Furthermore, the way the guns feel is incredible and it’s obvious that Bungie put a lot of thought into carving out the shooter elements of this game. Simply put, shooting stuff in Destiny is insanely fun!

I definitely agree with Bungie when they said that the real game starts after you hit level 20. While the light leveling system is not entirely unique, it is still very uncommon to see in RPG games and personally, I think it is quite fun. Although it certainly has its own issues, the reason I enjoy it is that it allows you to get the required gear to hit your desired level as opposed to the other way around. In most MMOs, the best armor is something that can only be obtained once you reach the max level, whereas in Destiny, you need the best armor to reach the max level. I do enjoy how they flipped this MMO trope on its head and it certainly has kept me interested in trying to obtain the coveted raid set gear.

Speaking of the raid, it is absolutely incredible. I have never experienced such a well-designed set of encounters bent on testing your team’s communication across a variety of challenges on a console. Granted there are plenty of raids in WoW and other such MMOs, but I don’t believe it has ever been accomplished on a console game, let alone a first-person shooter. While I do agree that the reliance on RNGesus in Destiny needs to be toned down a bit (especially in the raid), it isn’t enough to get me to stop running the Vault of Glass because it is just THAT much fun to play. When you factor in the Weekly Nightfall Strike, Weekly Heroic Strike, Daily Story Mission, and Bounties into the equation, there is more than enough to keep me coming back every week.

Why  Destiny Is So Attractive ?

With several major patches on their way resolving issues such as communication channels, new legendary gear, and new methods to obtain upgrade materials, the future of Destiny looks bright. Bungie has shown their commitment to evolve this game based on feedback from their consumers and it doesn’t seem as though they have any intention of slowing down. There is so much good in this world that Bungie has created that it is sad to see people only hung up on the negatives. It is an imperfect game by all accounts and yet it has so much potential. Destiny certainly isn’t a game for everybody, but for me it is a good enough starting point on a 10 year journey that I know will only get better and better.

Do you agree with me? If  you have any different ideas, connect us by destiny-store.com.


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