Why Do People Who *Don’t Do LFR* Hate It?

his is really getting on my hooves today.

Tons of threads about the new LFR wing, and bosses being bugged, possibly overtuned and people taking 3-5 hours to clear ToT wings, or sitting in queues for hours.

And then we have a metric crapton of people (who I won’t name) who don’t actually *do* LFR jumping in to say that they support LFR griefing, bosses being bugged and everything bad about it because they hate LFR and wish people just had to do Normals.

I…don’t get it. If you don’t do LFR and are busy raiding normals, what the hell do you have against it? Does it really bother you that much that other players can see your beloved raid content?

Why is it that so many people cannot enjoy something unless they can, at the same time, prevent someone else from enjoying it.
People on the internet like to complain.

Who said they had to be reasonable and rational about it?

If you’re looking for a serious reason it’s because LFR raiding gear is almost visually indistinguishable from Normal raiding gear, the bosses are named the same, the achieves you get for clearing it on normal are the same as that you get from LFR… some people feel insecure that the game doesn’t reward players differently for the different modes. Especially since you literally cannot lose in LFR while you can not kill anything on Normal until next tier if your raid is bad enough.

In fact the only real difference is higher ilevel gear and a chance to do heroics. Also, the fact that normals are actually challenging and hence fun, but a lot of people seem to ignore that. 

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