Wield Excalibur in New Update Wield Excalibur in New Update


PvP players will definitely want to check out Knight Age and its latest update to snag an opportunity to wield the legendary Excalibur sword. To do so, players will have to face off against other knights in a battle royale to determine who is worthy.

Excalibur represents three key components in Knight Age: the battle for the weapon, the power it imbues to its wielder, and ultimately its glory.  The battle for Excalibur is a PVP battle against 100 knights that begins once per day when the elusive sword appears in the middle of a mysterious lake. All participating players, regardless of their level, will be transported to a special battlefield in which the goal is to run to the center of the lake and successfully pull out the Excalibur sword.  However, this task is neither easy nor possible on its first try.  A mixture of talent and choice will help as players continue attempting to free Excalibur. Additionally, the player must also defend it from other on-coming players.  Whether by luck or skill, the end reward for pulling free the legendary Excalibur will be worth the battle scars!

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