WildStar Bucks: Community crafting … what can you do with your skills?

By now you can probably tell I am crazed crafter in all the MMO’s I play. This need to experiment in all things crafty is a reflection from my real life. I dabble with many mediums and processes to make gifts for my friends and family all year long. In my artsy travels I run across a lot of like minded people, but these people usually have more ‘complete’ skills than I do. I am a dabble in all and master of none. When I have an idea outside my ‘scope of skill’ I usually work on some sort of barter system or trade something for the end result. I am still making crocheted squares to off set some of the rowsdower/chompacabra felting work that was needed.Here to supply Buy FFXIV Gil

Ever since I heard the info about Wildstar I have been fascinated by the Path options, and it had been in the back of my mind to do some sort of custom coasters to celebrate Paths. In my first attempt I had thought ’3D printing would be damn cool’ so working with my brother in law we created some engravings plans based on the path logos. Below is a quick screen shot of them. If anyone has access to a 3D printer at cost let me know! I’d trade you the .STL files for a few sets of them.  Still think they would be fun to have around the house.

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