WildStar will pull in the ex-WoW crowd

WildStar will pull in the exWoW crowd, says dev

Finding the sweet spot in an MMO that applies to both casual and hardcore players might be the holy grail of the industry, but Carbine is convinced that it can deliver with WildStar — and do so in a way that World of Warcraft no longer can.

Game Design Producer Stephan Frost was bold in his statements to MCV, saying that WildStar will be a true success story. “We’re making something that’s different,” he said. “We’re coming out at a time when WoW is losing subscribers, and we can fill the void for people who want an MMO that’s deep, hardcore but also accessible to people. We’ve found through betas and trade shows that MMO players understand our game. They can see the improvements we’ve made and notice that this game is something pretty cool.”Want to quickly get Wildstar gold? Please click here

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