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Clanlord Makaza

Draken19 Wildstar online  ALLIES(Clanlord Makaza)

Clanlord Makaza is the leader of the Bloodfire Clan. Once a decorated soldier in the Dominion Legions, Makaza now rules over his people as they face the dangers of Deradune. Out of respect for the ancient traditions of his homeworld, Makaza has recently called for a Great Hunt – and has commanded his most skilled huntresses to reward those who fight with bravery and skill.

Huntress Kezzia

Draken12 Wildstar online  ALLIES(Clanlord Makaza)
Kezzia is the most deadly huntress in Clan Bloodfire. As Clanlord Makaza has just recently called a Great Hunt, Kezzia has been tasked with ensuring that all participants are worthy. A brash and fearless warrior, Kezzia revels in the thrill of the hunt, and often finds herself fighting alongside those who have accepted the challenge of the ancient Draken ritual.

Agent Lex

mechari02 Wildstar online  ALLIES(Clanlord Makaza)

As part of the Imperial Corps of Intelligence (ICI), Agent Lex has been sent to Deradune to seek out traitors and spies. Known far and wide for his deadliness, Lex was carefully engineered by the Central Axis of the ICI to serve as her eyes and ears in the field. Having recently captured an Exile spy on the savannah, Lex is looking for any information that will shed light on what the spy and his companions are doing there.

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