World of Warcraft Comic Submission

ubmit your World of Warcraft related comic strips to The Royal Photographic Society of Azeroth! For the glory of the King and the honor of the illustrious Society, the RPSA shall be collecting and posting interesting and/or humorous comic strips on the web site. To participate, simply use the form below to submit your work. One exceptional comic per month will receive a copy of the World of Warcraft Battle Chest signed by both Vice President of Creative Development Chris Metzen and Art Director Chris Robinson, as well as a World of Warcraft 60 day pre-paid time card. Click here to see the full rules.
Submission Suggestions
Please note: comics containing artwork or content that is offensive, of sexual nature, or containing obscene/vulgar language will be rejected. Please review the categories outlined in our harassment policy to get a better understanding of which kinds of content are unacceptable for this contest.
We’re typically looking for short and funny comics that are less than one page in length. We will still consider comics that are very text-heavy and that are not necessarily funny, but please remember that delivery is key! If your comic isn’t immediately entertaining in some way, it’s probably a good idea to rework it before you submit it.
We’re not looking for very long comics spanning multiple pages. While these epics can be great, they are not the focus of this contest.
Comics with original art are preferred. Show us that you really put some effort into your art. If the art is really bad, it’s unlikely to be taken.
You could use screenshots and speech bubbles for your comics, but these are almost always rejected unless they are very original and funny. We reject 100s of these a month. We’re mostly looking for comics with original art.
Comics can poke fun at the game, but keep an eye on your comic’s attitude. Comics that are outright hostile towards the game or the company will be rejected.
Last, but not least, please do not submit comics on the following topics:
Note: You can send a NEW comic each month. Don’t keep sending the same old comic each month. We already saw it.
Illidian and “You are not prepared” jokes. They are very old now…
The art of World of Warcraft, including the art style and art direction, particularly when given treatment that is deemed unduly mean-spirited.
Any reference to or depiction of (in the vernacular) “poop,” or variants thereof, including any quests that may feature it.
Bag space issues (aka “Look at all the stuff I have in my bag!”)
Server Lag
Tuesday Maintenance
References / depictions of disproportionate armor size as it may appear on female characters (e.g. plate bikinis)
The ease of upgrading equipment in The Burning Crusade
Un’Goro Crater Dinosaurs stepping on players

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