World of Warcraft Ninja Looting Tips

Ninja looting” is a common term used within many massively-multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) to describe the act of looting items from corpses, chests, and the game environment without permission.
This term predates World of Warcraft by many years, and was originally coined in virtual worlds that did not possess the same looting mechanics that are available in-game today. Because of how loot dropped in these other worlds — frequently in the form of free-for-all chests on the ground — it was possible for players to loot items they did not personally help generate. Stealing loot in this manner often required speed and subtlety, so the title “loot ninja” was born.

The World of Warcraft looting system was specifically designed so this sort of item theft cannot occur. In order for a player to loot an item, they must contribute to the corresponding kill or be a part of the group responsible for it. Players who do not meet these requirements will be ineligible for any loot that drops. As a result, players are only able to loot items they are entitled to own; they cannot “ninja” or steal loot directly from other players.

What if I disagree with the way loot is distributed? Isn’t that ninja looting?

No. Such disagreements are considered looting disputes, not ninja looting. A looting dispute occurs when a player loots an item for which they are eligible, but in doing so, goes against social looting practices (Main Spec > Off Spec, upgrades only, etc). While some looting disputes may be a social faux pas and can tarnish a player’s reputation, they are not a violation of any in-game rule. Scams, however, are a violation, and may occasionally accompany a looting dispute.

We will not be able to assist if:

Group Loot, Round Robin, or Free-for-All was used.
If Need Before Greed was in use. This is the mandatory loot method for groups created using the Dungeon tool.
Loot agreement was not clearly defined. 

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